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0000458DarkRadiantGUIpublic19.01.2008 23:22
ReporterSneaksieDave Assigned Togreebo  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version0.9.4 
Fixed in Version0.9.5 
Summary0000458: ESC to clear selection has lost context
DescriptionI can confirm this is at least a change from 0.92, but probably later (that's the most recent other build I have installed).

1. Start a new map, and create some entity... a light.
2. Now go over to the entity inspector and scroll the scrollbar a bit, or selected one of the properties.
3. Hit ESC

This used to de-select the selected entity, but no longer does. At first I thought maybe it was intentional (I'd still be against it), in order to not lose the user's selection while they are working with entity properties. However,

1. that doesn't have any real use currently -- if you select a field and hit ESC, it does nothing; if you change a field and hit ESC, it doesn't undo, it does nothing.
2. de-selection of the selected entity is performed FAR more often (every time an entity is worked with, in fact), while the other possible action, aborting a change as in 0000001, would be much more rare.
3. the user must explicitly select one of the display windows to de-select -- quickly becomes annoying.

So, my guess is it is in fact a bug afterall.
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11.12.2007 08:35

administrator   ~0000915

Ok, I re-enabled the GroupDialog to propagate keystrokes to the EventManager.

(I previously disabled this because of the issue with func_static entities being group-cycled along when hitting TAB in the EntityInspector.)

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