Released 28/10/2022
  • 0006129: [GUI] Drag-and-dropping layers is not working in Linux (greebo)
  • 0006112: [GUI] Clarify distinction between Shadow render mode and other render modes (orbweaver)
  • 0006130: [GUI] Cannot toggle visibility of layers (greebo)
  • 0006137: [GUI] Layer visibility checkbox not reacting to double-clicks (greebo)
  • 0006136: [GUI] Currently applied particleDef not selected in Particle Selector (greebo)
  • 0006139: [GUI] Update to wxWidgets 3.2.1 (greebo)
  • 0006138: [General] Show/hide Light Volumes for combined entities inconsistent (greebo)
  • 0005979: [GUI] Transformation dialog and Inspector windows should restore themselves after a restart (greebo)
  • 0006131: [GUI] More customisable window layouts (greebo)
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