Released 12/10/2013
0002971: [General] Support for pk3dir/pk4dir (orbweaver)
0003480: [Design/Coding] Absolute paths should be supported for game-, mod-path etc. (greebo)
0003273: [Models] Crash when previewing corrupt model (greebo)
0003305: [Map Editing] Animation preview doesn't work (greebo)
0000698: [Map Editing] "Floor" option for models and func_statics (greebo)
0003540: [GUI] "Reload Shaders" in File> menu doesn't reflect actual functionality (greebo)
0003105: [Map Editing] A patch for anyone building darkradiant on a system with glib-2.32 installed (greebo)
0002996: [General] GameManager adds duplicates VFS search dirs (greebo)
0003145: [Renderer] md5meshes viewed from behind (greebo)
0003245: [GUI] Cancel-Button in the Preferences-dialog does not work (greebo)
0003253: [Objectives] Objective States INVALID and FAILED are reversed (greebo)
0003137: [Design/Coding] Darkradiant Segmentation Fault == > MenuManager: Could not find insertPath: (etc.) (greebo)
0003237: [GUI] Dark Radiant: Stim/Response Menu. The "Remove" button is acting like an "Add" button (greebo)
0003242: [GUI] Two textfields in the DR-preferences don't show text upon start (STiFU)
0003243: [Design/Coding] Readable Editor creates XData file duplicates in certain cases (STiFU)
0002942: [GUI] Minimizing Console window minimizes Dark Radiant (STiFU)
0003023: [GUI] Texture browser is empty (STiFU)
0003219: [General] Preferences/Readable Editor failure (STiFU)
0003236: [GUI] Dark Radient: Stim/Response menu. "Type" List repeats 3 times (STiFU)
0003246: [Map Editing] Select All of Type (Shift-A) improvements (greebo)
0003247: [Map Editing] Remove restriction of having exactly one brush selected when constructing a brush prefab (greebo)
0003251: [Design/Coding] make failure using latest git (greebo)
0003003: [Design/Coding] Crash at shutdown after inserting prefab (greebo)
0003061: [Renderer] Particle preview does not render textures (orbweaver)
0003007: [Design/Coding] Entity > Classname > Choose entity class *Segmentation Fault* XreaL (orbweaver)
0003030: [Translation] Surface Inspector: Vertical Scale has wrong German translation (greebo)
0002939: [Renderer] Strange render artefacts in model viewer (orbweaver)
0002945: [Design/Coding] Upgrade Win32/Win64 GTKmm bindings to a more recent version (greebo)
0002951: [GUI] Grid text is not rendered (greebo)
0002952: [Design/Coding] Can't move or resize brushes (greebo)
0002938: [Selection System] Arrows for manipulating objects not working in Camview (greebo)
0002970: [Design/Coding] VS2010 build missing tools/msvc2010/properties/ftgl.props (greebo)
0002987: [General] Perform MediaBrowser population code in separate thread (greebo)
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