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0004846DarkRadiantGUIpublic27.06.2018 21:22
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Product Version2.6.0 
Summary0004846: Rotation widget does not re-center on selected object
DescriptionI've experienced this annoying bug a lot, where, upon using the Arbitrary Transformation dialogue, the object I have will not get rotated around its center/origin. When pressing R, I can see that the rotation widget is centered somewhere else on the grid. When I rotate with the rotation widget, it will still rotate around that wrong point, but then the widget will snap back to the object's center/origin.

I think the rotation widget gets set to the origin of some previous, selected object, but then doesn't update when you select a new one. Just a hunch.
Steps To ReproduceI've held off on reporting this bug since I don't have clear reproduction steps, but it happens often during the course of regular work with DR. I keep "Rotate func_* entities around origin" on, "Rotate Objects Independently" off. "Snap Pivot to Grid" doesn't make a difference, I believe. This happens with both brushes and entities.
Additional InformationThis has been present since 2.5.0 for sure, do not remember if it was in 2.4.0.
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24.06.2018 05:59

administrator   ~0010571

I've heard of that phenomenon before, it seems it's not that easy to repro. Does it happen reliably when working on your maps?

It's good that you included information about your rotation preference settings, that definitely does help in narrowing it down.


25.06.2018 06:59

reporter   ~0010586

It happens pretty reliably if I'm ever working on a lot of cloning func statics and brushes. I also use grouping a lot, so this may play a role in it.


27.06.2018 21:22

reporter   ~0010594

I've just experienced the bug again. Let me try to describe the conditions under which it happened, perhaps this will help to narrow it down.

My active layer was Layer A.
I cloned a func_static in Layer B and I moved it.
I then cloned a func_static that was on Layer C and rotated it with the Arbitrary Transformation dialogue.
It flew off. When I pressed R, I saw that the rotation widget was still stuck on the origin of the cloned-and-moved func_static from Layer B.

My rotation settings were still as stated in the original bug report. Snap Pivot to grid was off. I have more than 3 layers, some were hidden, and those particular ones are not in sequential order.

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