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0005267DarkRadiantMap Editingpublic28.05.2020 07:58
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Summary0005267: Duplicating model and moving with Alt-arrow results in pivot on original model when trying to rotate afterwards
DescriptionSometimes when I duplicate a model and move it with the arrow key and then try to rotate it, the pivot is still located at the original model.
This is not always reproducabe with any model, maybe it only happens when the original model is already rotated.
Steps To ReproduceOpen
select the ivy model
duplicate (space)
move the new model with Alt+arrow key
hit r to rotate
the pivot is located on the original model
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28.05.2020 07:58

administrator (303 bytes)   
Version 2
// entity 0
"classname" "func_static"
"name" "func_static_1"
"model" "models/darkmod/nature/ivy_part01b.lwo"
"origin" "-1754.42 595.205 -120.379"
"rotation" "-0.0628088 -0.874697 -0.480582 -0.140191 0.484491 -0.86349 0.98813 0.0131378 -0.153057"
"skin" "ivy_darker"
"solid" "0"
} (303 bytes)   

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