Released 15/11/2014
0003851: [Shader System] Backslash in sound shaders fools DR (greebo)
0003898: [Design/Coding] Rewrite global shortcut handling (greebo)
       0003895: [GUI] Layers window is not propagating shortcuts to the main window (greebo)
       0003897: [GUI] PropertyEditor buttons are not propagating key events to the main window. (greebo)
0003900: [GUI] Prefab Selector showing non-prefab files, plus attempts to open folders (greebo)
0003908: [GUI] SurfaceInspector controls will continue firing their events when moving the mouse away (greebo)
0003909: [GUI] Orthographic view incorrectly displays the position of an object (greebo)
0003911: [Map Editing] Can select "Add Model" while a brush is selected, leads to odd behaviour (greebo)
0003910: [GUI] Light inspector copies textures from one light to another (greebo)
0003874: [Design/Coding] Crash at shutdown in TextureBrowser::destroyWindow() (greebo)
0003875: [GUI] SplitPane window layout crashes DR at exit (greebo)
0003880: [GUI] TreeView can sometimes hold bad selection references (greebo)
0003887: [GUI] DarkRadiant doesn't react when clicking around rather fast (greebo)
0003894: [GUI] Some windows are inresponsive to mousewheel events (when not in focus) (greebo)
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