Released 21/07/2010
0002224: [Selection System] Separate selection mode to pick a specific item part of a func_static (greebo)
0002284: [General] Undoing revert to worldspawn causes brushes to grow brighter (greebo)
       0002315: [Design/Coding] Crash in Octree: double insertion after undoing revert to worldspawn (greebo)
0002286: [Map Editing] Thicken patches function produces distorted result for bevels (greebo)
0002300: [Renderer] blend blend images not displaying (greebo)
0002310: [GUI] Entity inspector: window partition keeps moving (user81)
0001715: [Map Editing] (Non-)case sensitivity of entity property keys (greebo)
       0002267: [Design/Coding] Crash at shutdown in SpeakerNode (greebo)
0002048: [Design/Coding] Expose OrthoContextMenu to plugins (greebo)
0002139: [Selection System] Save selections (greebo)
0002277: [Design/Coding] A couple of gcc warnings (greebo)
0002278: [Map Editing] EntityInspector chooser plugin for selecting vocal set (greebo)
0002285: [Map Editing] Rare crash when drag-creating brushes (greebo)
0002288: [Map Editing] Crashes in debug builds when transposing patches or selecting degenerate ones (greebo)
0002290: [GUI] Crash in PatchInspector after removing Patch control vertices (greebo)
0002293: [Scripting] Support nicer menu titles for script commands (greebo)
0002295: [GUI] No easily noticable feedback on failure to load a map (greebo)
0002299: [GUI] EClassTree too wide in multi-monitor setup (greebo)
0002301: [Design/Coding] Update Win32 libxml2 libraries to 2.7.7 (greebo)
0002279: [Renderer] Snow patch and Moonbeam texture see-through: (orbweaver)
0002289: [GUI] View doesn't update when manipulating patch control vertices in PatchInspector (greebo)
0000620: [General] Transparent speaker volumes (greebo)
       0002292: [Renderer] Add support for rendering entity boxes as transparent (greebo)
0002313: [Map Editing] Seek strings within property names (greebo)
0002311: [GUI] Jump to selected sound (if any) upon clicking Choose Sound (greebo)
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