Released 12/03/2010
0002141: [Selection System] Invert Selection includes worldspawn (greebo)
0002150: [Map Editing] Negative zero changes between maps (greebo)
0002158: [Design/Coding] Basic Support for Doom 3 GUIs (greebo)
0001481: [General] DarkRadiant cannot parse old brushDef maps (greebo)
0002049: [Saving and loading] BrushTokenIm-/Exporter should go into mapdoom3 (greebo)
0002086: [Models] Need "Reload Selected Models" command (greebo)
0002102: [Scripting] List available scripts in menus (greebo)
0002112: [Map Editing] Crash when moving entire map? (greebo)
0002118: [Design/Coding] Crash when undoing "create entity from brush "atdm:mover_door_sliding" (greebo)
0002129: [Map Editing] "Merge Entities" command (greebo)
0002138: [Design/Coding] ModelFileFunctor is using hardcoded model file extensions (greebo)
0000246: [GUI] "Ctrl-plus" for "Far clip plane in" doesn't work (greebo)
0002115: [GUI] Selecting brushes/entities on linux selects behind first brush/entity (greebo)
0002140: [Selection System] Drag-selecting a func_static can fail (greebo)
0002142: [Map Editing] Target Connection lines stay behind after deleting entities (greebo)
0002147: [Design/Coding] GTKGLext libs should be dynamically linked (greebo)
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