Released 02/05/2020
0005193: [GUI] Removing a Stim/Response entry can break the remaining entries (greebo)
0005132: [Map Editing] Undo after thickening a cylinder cap along vertex normals causes crash (greebo)
0005122: [Selection System] Feature: Selection by Filter (greebo)
0005090: [Selection System] Preserve grouping information when copy-pasting between multiple open instances of DR (greebo)
0005131: [Compilation/Build] Python 3.8 does not get linked (greebo)
0005135: [Map Editing] Texture Tool: crashes on brush surfaces with texture scale 0 (greebo)
0005149: [Map Editing] Readable Editor Crash (greebo)
0005154: [GUI] Edit Objectives dialog doesn't adjust its height when selecting a component (greebo)
0005155: [GUI] Model chooser doesn't list .md3 models (greebo)
0005173: [Map Editing] ConnectNamespacedWalker Warning when cloning selection containing links and targets (greebo)
0005196: [Map Editing] All spawnargs with the same value as the "name" spawnarg iterate when the entity is cloned (greebo)
0005203: [Design/Coding] Let DR look for either 32-bit or 64-bit TDM .exe's (greebo)
0005089: [Selection System] Preserve grouping information in prefabs (greebo)
0005134: [Map Editing] 'Reload models' reveals hidden models (greebo)
0005140: [GUI] ToggleFullScreenCamera does not toggle the full screen camera (greebo)
0005147: [GUI] 'Show help' etc. checkboxes in entity inspector aren't remembered by DR (greebo)
0005148: [GUI] 'Show help' tooltip text updates incorrectly (greebo)
0005151: [GUI] Targeting projected lights: let the line point to the light source instead of the light volume's midpoint (greebo)
0005159: [GUI] Search function missing in head chooser and vocal set chooser (greebo)
0005166: [Map Editing] Fixed Subdivisions higher than 32 (greebo)
0005168: [Map Editing] Autosaves don't save last camera angle & position (greebo)
0005174: [Design/Coding] Loading error caused by non-Latin character in filename (greebo)
0005175: [Saving and loading] Add Portable Map Format storing map and additional data in one single file (greebo)
0005176: [GUI] Let DR remember the shader in ShaderClipboard after closing (greebo)
0005188: [Shader System] DR can't find materials whose names start with table (greebo)
0005199: [Map Editing] It's possible to delete the classname spawnarg through the context menu (greebo)
0005207: [GUI] Add 'Move up' and 'Move down' buttons to conversations list (greebo)
0005209: [GUI] Modal dialogs can be too easily closed without saving settings (orbweaver)
0005210: [GUI] Difficulty dialog shows string table entries instead of difficulty names (orbweaver)
0005211: [GUI] Add an interface for editing difficulty names (orbweaver)
0005214: [GUI] Changing classname ties entity's visibility to 'Default' layer (greebo)
0005219: [GUI] Add option to show "Other Materials" in Texture Browser (greebo)
0005220: [Map Editing] Resized Models lose their scale in auto-saved maps (greebo)
0005222: [GUI] Make it easier to collapse all folders (greebo)
0005226: [GUI] Feature: "Select Parent Entities" (greebo)
0005227: [GUI] Automatically recognise more spawnarg types (greebo)
0005229: [Saving and loading] Layers information gets duplicated in consecutive save operations (greebo)
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