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0005226DarkRadiantGUIpublic08.11.2020 18:34
ReporterDragofer Assigned Togreebo  
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Product Version2.8.0 
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Summary0005226: Feature: "Select Parent Entities"
DescriptionAs per 0005122:

To complement "Selection by Filter", which selects individual members of groups such as func_statics, a method to expand the selection to the whole group would come in handy for purposes of inverting + hiding the selection to show nothing but the groups containing these members.

A shortcut would be handy for this as well, for performing something like this swiftly:
"Select by Filter" -> Nodraw Textures -> [shortcut] + i + h (= Select Parent Entities -> Invert -> Hide)
Or maybe even better would be a place under "Select/Deselect by Filter" on the drop-down context menu, as these functions may often get used together?

Another name could be "Expand Selection to Parents", to give a better idea of what it does.
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related to 0005122 closedgreebo Feature: Selection by Filter 




25.04.2020 11:12

administrator   ~0012403

I named it "Select Parent Entities" because it's basically the counter-part of the already existing "Select Children" command
select_parent_entities.png (36,005 bytes)   
select_parent_entities.png (36,005 bytes)   


25.04.2020 14:42

developer   ~0012404

Thanks! I've been thinking it might make sense to integrate this into the Invert Selection command. At the moment it can feel unintuitive that sometimes it looks like you've selected something, but in reality you've only selected a child, so when you press I to invert it's still selected. 'Select by Filter' is the prime example of that.

Maybe the current Invert Selection behaviour can then be kept with the hotkey ctrl + i, and named something like 'Invert Selection (Children)'.


25.04.2020 14:48

administrator   ~0012405

I'm hesitant to change the Invert selection command to accomodate a newly added, but competely optional feature.

Can you describe the undesired behaviour, what's the problem? Which elements stay selected after inverting the selection?

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0005226: Add "Select Parent Entities" command to select the parent entity of any selected child primitive (deselecting the children). Affected Issues
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