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0005122DarkRadiantSelection Systempublic11.01.2020 16:29
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Product Version2.6.0 
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Summary0005122: Feature: Selection by Filter
DescriptionI'd often like to select or deselect everything that belongs to a filter; at the moment I can think of these example cases:
- if I want to check for leaks I want to show nothing but worldspawn brushes and visportals
- if I suspect there's a mistake in my AI paths I want to show nothing but paths, maybe also worldspawn brushes & monsterclip
- sometimes I also make new filters if I want to isolate & work on a certain kind of entity, i.e. speakers or func_emitters

I've devised my own technique to isolate constituents of a filter:
- set the filter to hidden
- select & hide the whole map
- set the filter to visible

I think it'd be a useful feature to be able to directly select and deselect according to filters.
Maybe it could be done by adding 2 mutually exclusive toggles beneath "Deactivate all Filters" to the filter list: "select by filter", "deselect by filter"? If one of these toggles is active, any clicks on a filter in the list will select/deselect instead of hiding/showing.
Additional InformationA little cherry on top would be if the filters list stayed open after each click, whether showing/hiding or selecting/deselecting, and only disappeared if the mapper clicked somewhere else or on "Edit Filters".
Would make it easier to change several filters at a time, but really it's just a small convenience.
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