Released 16/10/2009
0001835: [GUI] Deleting a spawnarg doesn't mark the map as "modified" (greebo)
0001856: [Design/Coding] Upgrade Win32/Win64 GTK+ binaries to 2.16.2 (greebo)
0001859: [Map Editing] Changing a property with ColourPropertyEditor doesn't mark the map as saved (greebo)
0001839: [Design/Coding] Remove Node::setSelf() method, use boost methods to do the same task (greebo)
0001895: [GUI] Crash when closing the SkinChooser UI by clicking on the window's X (greebo)
0001908: [General] Filenames without extension crash the VFS FileVisitor (greebo)
0001911: [Design/Coding] "Select Entities only” setting prevents “Duplicate” function from executing. (greebo)
0001912: [Design/Coding] The user has no way of knowing that the duplicated entity is overlapping the original entity or if the entity was not duplicated (greebo)
0001934: [GUI] LayerControlDialog reappears even if closed at shutdown (greebo)
0001937: [Design/Coding] Upgrade (Win32) Boost libs to 1.40. (greebo)
0001943: [Design/Coding] Expose EntityInspector to plug-ins and modules to allow for custom PropertyEditors (greebo)
0001950: [Renderer] Light Entities Not working correctly in render mode (greebo)
0001635: [GUI] Increase max number of layers possible. (greebo)
0001898: [GUI] Surface Inspector options are disabled if patch/brush is already selected when using shortcut (s) (greebo)
0001966: [General] VFS Search Path contains duplicate? (greebo)
0001967: [Map Editing] Crash when loading a map after changing fs_game path (greebo)
0001927: [Design/Coding] Objectives editor won't edit atdm:target_addobjectives (greebo)
0001838: [Map Editing] Drag-resizing brushes to zero size crashes application (greebo)
0001675: [GUI] Cam positions are reset to origin upon View mode change (greebo)
0001974: [GUI] Crash from changing layout mode while in mouselook mode (greebo)
0001829: [GUI] Crash upon resizing splitpane mode dividers (greebo)
0001969: [Map Editing] Symmetrical resize allows for lights with negative dimensions (greebo)
0001973: [Map Editing] Presence of snd_.* key (greebo)
0001857: [GUI] Selected property values don't update when changed by edit tool except by explicit re-click (greebo)
0001870: [Design/Coding] Changing classname of brush based entity loses brush (greebo)
0001749: [General] Reload defs console command (greebo)
0001861: [GUI] Angle UI is too tall, resizes entity inspector divider (greebo)
0001707: [GUI] Texture tool: Allow movement of brush faces by vertex (greebo)
0001830: [GUI] Cannot 'hide/close' splitpane views with divider bar anymore (greebo)
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