Released 23/04/2011
  • 0002709: [Map Editing] Hidden models are visible but not selectible after the Reload models command (greebo)
  • 0002726: [General] Brushes invisible in prefab viewer (greebo)
  • 0002729: [Map Editing] "Make Visportal" crashes the editor when visportals are filtered. (greebo)
  • 0002735: [GUI] DR crashes upon exit when floating layout is used (greebo)
  • 0002675: [Design/Coding] auto-decal does not deselect failed surfaces (greebo)
  • 0002736: [Scripting] Exported .ase horizontal surface unlit by directional light. (greebo)
  • 0002737: [Renderer] After starting DR in Lighting Mode, switching back to Textured mode crashes the app (debug build) (greebo)
  • 0002215: [Design/Coding] Startup configuration dialog crashes DR when the InstallPath registry key is absent (manual DOOM 3 install)
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