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0005097DarkRadiantGUIpublic05.09.2021 18:22
ReporterBikerdude Assigned Togreebo  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
PlatformPCOSWindowsOS Version8.1
Product Version2.8.0 
Target Version2.10.0Fixed in Version2.10.0 
Summary0005097: Layer toggle controls can get out of sync (showing wrong icons)
DescriptionWhere the button after being clicked on will remove the tick mark, but will show blue on the button.
Steps To ReproduceOpen DR -

- Use DR normally for while (so far longer than 2 hrs)
- Open the layers window,
- click on any of the layers buttons to hide or show a layer,
- the layer will hide and show as normal -

The issue -

- the color of the button WILL toggle off/on (so the layer is being hidden/revealed etc)
- but the tick will continue to be shown.
Additional Information- only work around is to close and re-open layers window.
Tagslayers window


has duplicate 0004744 closedgreebo Layers retain tickbox, but arent shown as indicated buy the lack of blue background colour on the button. 
related to 0005391 closedgreebo On/off Selection issue with layers window 




02.01.2020 15:13


layers child window.JPG (221,151 bytes)   
layers child window.JPG (221,151 bytes)   


05.05.2020 15:42

reporter   ~0012468

The only work around is to close and reopen the layers window.


09.10.2020 21:11

reporter   ~0012804

Dont know if this is fixable, but this is still happening.


03.11.2020 12:31

reporter   ~0012857

The work around is to close and re-open the effect window.


08.11.2020 20:03

reporter   ~0012874

Still happening, regular as clockwork in 2.8


10.11.2020 09:39

reporter   ~0012885

Is related to 005391


13.11.2020 16:52

reporter   ~0012907

@Greebo, do you think this is also linked or related to the 'wxToggleButton' function somehow..?


17.11.2020 15:39

reporter   ~0012967

Will test and see if this issue got resolved in 2.9pre3 as a result of the fix implemented in 0005391


18.11.2020 12:00

reporter   ~0012984

Still preset in 2.9pre3.


19.11.2020 03:38

administrator   ~0012987

To clarify, the behaviour is that the layer is hidden but the tick mark is drawn on the corresponding toggle button as if it were visible?


19.11.2020 10:36

reporter   ~0012991

Last edited: 19.11.2020 13:50

Hold fire for now, as I think the other layers window fix you have done for pre3 may have fixed it. I have had DR open for 2hours and so far the issue hasen't appeared.


19.11.2020 15:33

reporter   ~0012995

Ok, so it turned out I just needed DR open for longer than 2hrs for the issue to happen again.

So in answer for your question, yes the behavior is that the layer is hidden but the tick mark is drawn on the corresponding toggle button as if it were visible. See attached, the only visible layers are default and manor_gnd.
Capture.JPG (71,387 bytes)   
Capture.JPG (71,387 bytes)   


19.11.2020 15:37

reporter   ~0012996

I just spotted another issue related to this bug, when the above issue is happening the 'Show all' becomes un-togglable and stays grayed-out.


19.11.2020 18:08

administrator   ~0012998

Ok, so it seems that it's possible for the layers window to get its visual state out of sync with the state of the LayerSystem in the backend. Especially if opening and closing the dialog will fix it, because that's when the dialog will reload all its controls and sync the state with the LayerSystem.

There must be some steps leading up to that issue, do you remember doing anything special before that? Are you just clicking the toggles, or is this happening without any interaction?
Not sure if the run time plays any role, except for making the steps more likely to happen.


19.11.2020 18:32

administrator   ~0012999

I'll check in a change that might have an effect on this issue - maybe you can have a look at it in the next pre-release build.


19.11.2020 20:26

reporter   ~0013000

Hi Greebo

Regarding states/steps, I am fairly sure I can just leave DR along without touching it and it will exibit the same issue. So tonight before going to bed I will load DR with a map loaded (bhm) and see whats its state is like in the morning.

And yes am more than happy to test the change with the next build.


20.11.2020 08:36

reporter   ~0013003


So leaving DR running for 8hrs with no input didn't reproduce the issue.


24.11.2020 16:45

administrator   ~0013014

There's a new pre-release version (2.9.2pre2) available here, maybe you can check out if the behaviour is improved now.


24.11.2020 17:01

reporter   ~0013015

Downloading and will test first thing in the morning.


26.11.2020 10:08

reporter   ~0013023

Am currently testing.


26.11.2020 13:40

reporter   ~0013024

tested (2.9.2pre2) for a few hours this morning, and the issue hasn't recurred. So this tracker can be closed.

thanks for fixing this :-)


26.11.2020 15:10

administrator   ~0013025

Nice, thanks for testing

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DarkRadiant: master 41d4a84b

2020-11-19 18:04:00


Details Diff
0005097: Maybe not directly related to the described issue, but the lock should have a name to prevent it from being destructed immediately after construction. Affected Issues
mod - radiant/ui/layers/LayerControl.cpp Diff File

DarkRadiant: master de1bffd9

2020-11-19 18:31:51


Details Diff
0005097: Instead of setting the icons ourselves, tell wxWidgets about the images it needs to render when the toggle is active/inactive Affected Issues
mod - radiant/ui/layers/LayerControl.cpp Diff File

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