Released 29/04/2007
0000002: [GUI] Map Load Failure Fails To Display Error Message (orbweaver)
0000034: [GUI] Move Menu Structure and Commands into Registry. (greebo)
0000001: [Renderer] Render Mode is broken (orbweaver)
0000016: [GUI] Background Image Overlay in Orthoviews (greebo)
0000015: [GUI] Clickable jump-to-position for camera views (greebo)
0000014: [Map Editing] Camera Position Restore on Map Reload (greebo)
0000011: [GUI] Model Selector makes inefficient use of screen space (orbweaver)
0000279: [General] Crash when loading a new map after displaying LightTexture property editor (orbweaver)
0000088: [Map Editing] Request: Make Caulk default texture for new brushes, instead of 'shader not found'. (greebo)
0000226: [Map Editing] Select all related vertices key (TexTool) (greebo)
0000265: [General] Resolve user.xml collisions/conflicts on upgrade (greebo)
0000267: [Map Editing] LightInspector: Toggle for "parallel" lights (greebo)
0000266: [Map Editing] Loss of significant information when using float (greebo)
0000004: [GUI] Stim/Response Editor GUI (greebo)
0000097: [GUI] Crash when closing 'colors' GUI (orbweaver)
0000189: [Map Editing] Filters not completely functional (greebo)
0000193: [GUI] Some new player equipment models show collision mesh even with filter on (orbweaver)
0000227: [Map Editing] Disable red highlight in cam view for lights? (orbweaver)
0000044: [GUI] Confusion around setting game mode (greebo)
0000126: [GUI] Entity inspector makes poor use of space (orbweaver)
0000236: [GUI] Model viewer rotation is strange (orbweaver)
0000244: [Models] models with .ASE extension not visible in DR (greebo)
0000245: [Shader System] Check and ensure RxGB DDS Support (greebo)
0000132: [GUI] Light Inspector defaults colour to black (orbweaver)
0000138: [Saving and loading] File->Import causes segfault when importing into an existing map (orbweaver)
0000023: [Map Editing] Configurable centre of rotation for multiple entities (greebo)
0000146: [Models] Crash when opening certain ASE exported from Blender on Linux (orbweaver)
0000161: [GUI] Property editor for model keys (orbweaver)
0000168: [Saving and loading] Loading on Linux causes 100% CPU lock at entity 59 (orbweaver)
0000186: [GUI] Model Selector takes too long to load, no feedback (orbweaver)
0000214: [Design/Coding] Removal of CopiedString (greebo)
0000277: [GUI] Displaying AddPropertyDialog breaks PropertyEditor panel (orbweaver)
0000234: [GUI] Entity list settings not remembered (greebo)
0000232: [GUI] Settings settings (greebo)
0000192: [GUI] Crash on opening surf inspector after choose shader (SneaksieDave)
0000270: [Saving and loading] Primitive count is not displayed during worldspawn load (greebo)
0000237: [GUI] ESC to cancel operation now takes very long (greebo)
0000233: [GUI] Unnecessary scrollbars in entity inspector (orbweaver)
0000254: [GUI] New accelerator key for Filter menu requested (greebo)
0000211: [GUI] Strange behavior from undefined fields in entity inspector? (orbweaver)
0000255: [Map Editing] Texture applied with Apply to Selection doesn't count in undo stack (greebo)
0000256: [GUI] Remove selected brush on by default (simple patch mesh) (greebo)
0000258: [Map Editing] Paint whole brush (ctrl-alt-MMB) doesn't always work (greebo)
0000221: [Saving and loading] Map path and Prefab path are same (greebo)
0000260: [GUI] Enter on first field in Entity inspector doesn't apply (orbweaver)
0000259: [Saving and loading] No confirm overwrite without file extension (greebo)
0000261: [GUI] No convenient method for 'Angle' keypair (orbweaver)
0000187: [Map Editing] Light Inspector changes not tracked by the UndoSystem (greebo)
0000159: [Map Editing] Manipulation of func_statics can be broken (greebo)
0000165: [Map Editing] Child Patches of func_statics are not translated along with their Parent (greebo)
0000169: [Map Editing] func_static children are handled incorrectly (greebo)
0000181: [Map Editing] Func_statics incorrectly handled by "Save Region" (greebo)
0000218: [Design/Coding] Refactor ToolbarCreator into subclass of UIManager (greebo)
0000208: [General] Remove old Surface/PatchInspector/TexTool Code (greebo)
0000163: [Map Editing] Patches with infinite vertex coordinates are saved without warning/correction. (greebo)
0000205: [General] Joint rotation Mode for models broken (greebo)
0000005: [GUI] Prefab Insertion (greebo)
0000206: [Map Editing] Enable "Insert Prefab here" command in Orthocontext menu (greebo)
0000212: [Design/Coding] Move UIManager into external module (greebo)
0000248: [GUI] Port DoomEdit's "SuperMal" colour theme to DarkRadiant (greebo)
0000229: [Map Editing] Wrong item selected after duplication (greebo)
0000222: [Saving and loading] Adding new entity doesn't mark dirty (greebo)
0000231: [Map Editing] Rotations depend on grid (greebo)
0000209: [GUI] Refresh Media tree upon Flush and Reload Shaders (greebo)
0000115: [Map Editing] Can't move multi-part func statics selected with entity list? (greebo)
       0000117: [Map Editing] Func_* brushes don't show origin (greebo)
0000125: [GUI] Arrows to navigate folder trees (orbweaver)
0000190: [Map Editing] Region xy is infnitely high (greebo)
0000198: [Map Editing] Locked axis resize has strange minimum distance jump (greebo)
0000204: [GUI] Select Complete Tall and Select Inside don't select lights (from origin?) (greebo)
0000194: [GUI] Default view in model inspector is top down (orbweaver)
0000177: [GUI] Use proper skin in lit or even textured mode (orbweaver)
0000175: [Map Editing] Rotation Modes (greebo)
0000200: [GUI] Hotkey to paint whole brush as selected texture (greebo)
0000196: [GUI] Choose shader dialog doesn't remember position (greebo)
0000197: [Map Editing] Region walls don't enclose everything (greebo)
0000195: [Map Editing] After saving a region, default brush is infinitely tall (greebo)
0000167: [Map Editing] Func_static Origin not moveable (greebo)
0000174: [GUI] Cannot assign Alt-O as hotkey (greebo)
0000142: [Map Editing] No single click to deselect control points? (greebo)
0000199: [GUI] Hotkey to jump to selected texture in media tab (greebo)
0000201: [GUI] Texture apply from Textures tab is broken (greebo)
0000053: [GUI] Held RMB for mouselook in camera view (greebo)
0000059: [GUI] Optional Bounding Walls on Save Region (greebo)
0000119: [GUI] Entity descriptions missing (orbweaver)
0000178: [GUI] Save Region crashes (greebo)
0000166: [GUI] Override entity selection priority for Cam window? (greebo)
0000173: [GUI] Previously opened dialogs return blank after minimizing and restoring (greebo)
0000207: [GUI] "Show all light volumes" does not show projected lights (greebo)
0000107: [GUI] Arbitrary Rotation is impractical (greebo)
0000160: [GUI] Find & replace textures doesn't work (greebo)
0000185: [GUI] Matching skin does not work for multiple models (orbweaver)
0000182: [Map Editing] Refactor Regioning System (greebo)
0000078: [GUI] Splitplane View Dimensions are not saved between Sessions (greebo)
0000110: [Map Editing] Insufficient User Feedback when working with the TexturePaste Tool (greebo)
0000093: [Map Editing] Empty default map is tagged as "unsaved". (orbweaver)
0000098: [Map Editing] Scale Manipulator is not functional, remove? (greebo)
0000100: [GUI] Unify Surface Dialogs (greebo)
       0000131: [GUI] Fix TexTool and incorporate it into new Surface Dialog (greebo)
0000145: [GUI] Remove obsolete controls from Patch Inspector (greebo)
0000180: [Models] ModelSelector crashes on lightgem.ase (orbweaver)
0000122: [Map Editing] Patch Thicken along Axes (greebo)
0000155: [GUI] Not all colors customizable? (greebo)
0000058: [GUI] Select Complete Tall (greebo)
0000130: [Map Editing] Position List for easier Map Navigation (greebo)
0000156: [Map Editing] Problems with scaling calculations on patches (greebo)
0000164: [GUI] Rotation problems for multi-brush entities (greebo)
0000158: [GUI] Names for some entities not shown (greebo)
0000162: [Map Editing] Texture lock not working for special entities? (greebo)
0000063: [Map Editing] Revert to worldspawn function (greebo)
0000153: [GUI] Accelerator keys for messageboxes (greebo)
0000054: [GUI] Translate Mode (w) more friendly functionality (greebo)
0000096: [Map Editing] Locked axis resize mode (greebo)
0000157: [Map Editing] Can't move selected entities (not simple brushes) (greebo)
0000151: [GUI] Use of Patch Inspector spin controls sets focus to textboxes (greebo)
0000139: [Saving and loading] Property changes are not saved (orbweaver)
0000147: [GUI] Unable to locate component - jpeg62.dll (orbweaver)
0000102: [Map Editing] Able to create a brush of zero size (greebo)
0000149: [GUI] Must toggle texture lock twice with S (greebo)
0000128: [GUI] Spin controls for S and T fields on patch properties (greebo)
0000143: [GUI] Position of light properties dialog is not remembered (greebo)
0000103: [GUI] Remember position of Patch Properties (greebo)
0000140: [Saving and loading] Cancelling Open clears the map (orbweaver)
0000144: [Map Editing] Typo in noshadows property (greebo)
0000113: [Saving and loading] Open dialog forgets path after first time (orbweaver)
0000112: [Saving and loading] Save path doesn't default to Load path (orbweaver)
0000120: [Map Editing] Brush remains when creating a patch (greebo)
0000099: [Saving and loading] File Save As dialog does not seem to attach a default .map Extension to Filenames (orbweaver)
0000118: [GUI] Set focus to list items after opening "Create entity..." (orbweaver)
0000114: [Saving and loading] No default key on Save dialog (orbweaver)
0000105: [GUI] Cannot close Light Properties with J (orbweaver)
0000136: [Map Editing] Fan arch vanishes upon Paste Natural (greebo)
0000137: [GUI] Light properties dialog is wasteful of space (orbweaver)
0000124: [Renderer] Many light textures cast no light in render mode (orbweaver)
0000085: [Renderer] Collision filter does not work in cam view (orbweaver)
0000081: [GUI] Entity inspector: sorting not possible (orbweaver)
0000069: [General] Design XMLRegistry to use two internal XML Trees (greebo)
0000074: [Shader System] Enable TexturesCache to use ImageConstructors instead of Callbacks (greebo)
0000075: [Shader System] Prepare Shader System to use TextureConstructors and GLTextureManager (greebo)
0000095: [GUI] Background Image dialog does not work on Win32 (orbweaver)
0000064: [GUI] Patch thicken (greebo)
0000083: [Saving and loading] Crash on opening .BAK file (orbweaver)
0000060: [GUI] Cancel of operation with ESC before committing? (greebo)
0000106: [GUI] Entity list selection jumps to entity? (greebo)
0000082: [Map Editing] Method to invert/mirror a texture (greebo)
0000009: [GUI] Entity Inspector should display custom DEF keys (orbweaver)
0000072: [GUI] Create an accessible GUI for the Background Image (orbweaver)
0000068: [GUI] Model preview window cuts the top off of model. (orbweaver)
0000065: [GUI] Skin Chooser crashes on open (orbweaver)
0000073: [Saving and loading] Map loading cannot be aborted (orbweaver)
0000056: [GUI] Preserved keys between entity selections (orbweaver)
0000041: [GUI] Entity Inspector not accessible by pressing 'N' (greebo)
0000043: [GUI] Browsing textures followed by shutdown gives assertion (orbweaver)
0000042: [GUI] Activating mouselook and changing render modes gives an assertion (greebo)
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