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0000023DarkRadiantMap Editingpublic07.05.2007 16:35
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Summary0000023: Configurable centre of rotation for multiple entities
DescriptionWhen multiple entities are selected and the Rotate mode is entered (R key), a centre of rotation is selected automatically based on the bounding box of the group. It would be better to allow this centre to be changed by the user, so that objects could be rotated around a "sensible" origin depending on the needs of the user.

Edit, Dave; source:

Three rotation modes exist in DoomEd via Ctrl-r:
One seems to set a common center-calculated origin for all selected objects, around which they are rotated as a unit - that has obvious good use. Another, I think rotates all selected items separately, but by the same exact amounts - also, obvious good use. The third is broken I think. Perhaps that is the user definable one described above? If not, that has definite good use as well.
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14.03.2007 22:42

administrator   ~0000414

I just tried these rotation modes in DoomEdit and can't figure them out. I selected a func_static and a bunch of brushes/patches and switching between the rotation modes by pressing Ctrl-R doesn't have any effect for me. The rotation is always pivoted at the group center.



15.03.2007 10:05

administrator   ~0000416

I'll set this to resolved for now after issue 0000175 has been resolved, it can be re-opened if there is need for more rotation modes.

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