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0005822DarkRadiantGUIpublic26.11.2021 16:14
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Summary0005822: Feature Request: Improve UI for worldspawn-to-entity conversion
Converting a worldspawn to another class cannot be done inside the Entity Viewer, for no obvious reason. If the ultimate target is a class other than func_static, this requires a 2-step process:
1) Convert from worldspawn to func_static, in the Ortho view, with the right mouse menu's misleadingly-named "Create Entity"
2) Convert from func_static to some other class [e.g., atdm:mover_door] inside the Entity Viewer

"Create Entity" is misleading in this case. It took me over a year as a newbie to realize that this is really "Convert to Entity" when a worldspawn object is selected.

1) When a worldspawn item is selected, and the Ortho view right menu invocated, have it read "Convert to Entity" instead of "Create Entity"
2) Make it possible to do the conversion in 1 step inside the Entity Viewer. The user selects the "classname" spawnarg, then uses either with the "Choose Class" button or types in func_static or another class name. (If you try this currently, it fails to deliver.)
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24.11.2021 15:15

administrator   ~0014563

I can relate to 1) since the wording Create might indeed be misleading.
Though I cannot really address 2) through the Entity Inspector, since changing the classname after selecting a worldspawn brush would change the class of the *entire* worldspawn. It's not restricted to the selected brushes/primitives only, it's the worldspawn itself which is shown in the Entity Inspector view.


24.11.2021 16:29

reporter   ~0014564

Improving (1) would be great.

Regarding (2), I think it all depends on how you look at it. Let me make the case further. If I select a func_static entity and change its class through the Entity Inspector, I know I'm changing just the selected item(s), not all items of class func_static.

Now, I know in idtech4 world, all worldspawn items are represented as primitives within unnamed Entity 0. But consider this:

When I Shift-LMB a worldspawn object in DR, only the single item gets selected, not all worldspawn objects making up Entity 0. The latter would be unhelpful, so what happens is a special case.

I'm arguing for the same type of special-case treatment in the case of changing the classname from "worldspawn" to something else in the Entity Inspector. Clearly the person making the change just wants to convert the selected entity/entities, not do the illegal operation of changing Entity 0 to a different class.

You could pop up a dialog (after the classname edit) saying "Converted selected items from worldspawn" with an OK button. Not necessary IMHO but if you thought it desirable.


24.11.2021 18:50

administrator   ~0014565

Last edited: 24.11.2021 18:56

Yes. It's not that I don't understand the point you're making. I know what you want it to do, but the Entity Inspector in the end is designed to work with entities only, it doesn't have any business with brushes or patches. It doesn't even "know" or care which primitives are selected, coding-wise. The mapper part of myself can see that it could be nice to have that option, but my programmer part doesn't feel very good about it.

Are you confident that trying to change a set of selected worldspawn brushes to a different class through the Entity Inspector is a common use case among mappers? With the discussed 1) option of right-clicking the items and changing them, is there still the need for supporting it in the Entity Inspector? The proposedly named "Convert Entity" item in the RMB menu could do the same, i.e. changing the classname of the selected items.


26.11.2021 04:02

reporter   ~0014566

RE (2), I can understand that some things are just too hard or ugly to want to implement. If that's the case here, so be it.

"Are you confident that trying to change a set of selected worldspawn brushes to a different class through the Entity Inspector is a common use case among mappers?"

Well, no. And are you confident that method wouldn't be used by mappers if it was made available? All I know is, I personally would find it more natural and faster to do it through the Entity Inspector.

As it is, it seems like it's "half implemented but broken". So maybe it should be pushed in the other direction; if you open the Entity Inspector on a worldspawn:
- make the "classname worldspawn" row read-only
- indicate this visually. Since grey type face is already being used to indicate inherited attributes, perhaps instead make the cell background of the classname title and entry field grey rather than white.
- remove the leftside row glyph indicating there's a button, and prevent appearance of that button "Choose entity class..." when that row is selected


26.11.2021 10:47

developer   ~0014568

"Are you confident that trying to change a set of selected worldspawn brushes to a different class through the Entity Inspector is a common use case among mappers?"

For common classnames with simple names, such as when reverting a lot of doors into func_static entities, I sometimes do this. As soon as the name gets a little more complicated (like atdm:mover_door) or easy to confuse (is it func_rotate or func_rotating?) I prefer to use the Choose Entity button on one entity, then spread the spawnarg to all other entities with the checkmark button.

A further risk of using the entity inspector to change the classname is that certain spawnargs aren't applied properly then. For instance, compare what happens when you change the classname of a "func_static" stagecoach to "light" using either
1) the Choose entity class button
2) the classname spawnarg field

I think now that the entity inspector shows all spawnargs of entities in the selection it should be easier to use the "Choose entity class" button to change the classname of a lot of entities at once. That was imo the main advantage of the entity inspector method.


26.11.2021 16:09

reporter   ~0014569

I think, Dragofer, you are raising a different issue, namely, that the classname field should ALWAYS be read-only, to force use of the "Choose entity class" button.

This is different than the original 0000002 issue, which concerned a proposed new capability to let worldspawn be converted into non-worldspawn inside the Entity Inspector.


26.11.2021 16:14

reporter   ~0014570

EDIT: That's not "original 0000002 issue", but "original issue number 2"

Mantis gives me "Access Denied" if I try to edit my own report. Ha!

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