Released 06/09/2007
0000010: [GUI] Model Selector bounding box creation (mohij)
0000327: [Map Editing] Hidden func entities can be textured (greebo)
0000340: [Shader System] Shader browser stretches unsquare textures (greebo)
0000306: [Selection System] Model selector crashes after viewing 570+ (orbweaver)
0000278: [Design/Coding] BooleanPropertyEditor is broken (orbweaver)
0000318: [Map Editing] Entity List is cluttered with vanilla D3 entities not relevant to TDM (orbweaver)
0000311: [Map Editing] Curve NURBS and CatmullRom editing support (greebo)
0000307: [Map Editing] Copy & Paste Shader (sometimes) does not copy scale & rotation (greebo)
0000319: [Shader System] Hardcoded image expressions (like _white) not recognised (mohij)
0000323: [Shader System] Skin File Parser bails out on first error and stops parsing (greebo)
0000328: [Map Editing] Select Touching and similar do not handle func_statics correctly (greebo)
0000329: [Map Editing] Undo operations sometimes throw assertions (greebo)
0000326: [Map Editing] Select Touching disregards filter status (greebo)
0000336: [GUI] In the "Arbitrary Transformation" control window, rotate X axis and Z axis are backwards (greebo)
0000325: [GUI] Filter text box on Textures Tab shown when not enabled (greebo)
0000324: [Design/Coding] Request for manual function to sift to texture in Media tab from Textures tab (greebo)
0000312: [GUI] Sort the tree view elements in create entity selector (orbweaver)
0000316: [Shader System] Shadersystem converts shader names to lowercase (greebo)
0000317: [GUI] Counterintuitive selection behaviour in Edge editing mode (greebo)
0000314: [Map Editing] Cannot cycle back to parent after resizing func_* (greebo)
0000284: [GUI] Update clipboard texture display in status bar upon Media tab selection (greebo)
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