Released 23/09/2022
0006041: [Renderer] Renderer doesn't take "translucent" keyword into account (greebo)
0006081: [Renderer] Some materials aren't displayed correctly (greebo)
0006092: [Design/Coding] FX Declaration Parsing Support (greebo)
0000410: [GUI] Grey-out menu entries that are not applicable (orbweaver)
0006093: [Design/Coding] Unit Tests intermittently get stuck on Github runner (greebo)
0006097: [Design/Coding] xmlutil thread safety problems (greebo)
0005537: [GUI] FX Chooser (greebo)
0006095: [GUI] Remove menu options which are not applicable to current game (orbweaver)
0006105: [General] Crash when trying to set default mouse or keyboard bindings (greebo)
0006094: [Saving and loading] Loading map results in "Real Hard DarkRadiant Failure" exception (greebo)
0006106: [Renderer] Lighting Mode Renderer draws hidden lights (greebo)
0005386: [GUI] Orthoview in 2.9pre2 very laggy compared to 2.8
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