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0005613DarkRadiantGUIpublic20.05.2021 19:51
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Product Version2.12.0 
Summary0005613: Show shared keyvalues when multiple entities are selected
DescriptionCurrently, when multiple entities are selected and the Entity Inspector (N) is open, the keyvalue fields are all empty.

I thought it could be useful to display a union of keyvalues, to make it easier to compare and view the entities, and make it easier to make batch changes:
- with common values showing the keyvalue.
- and with differing values showing the pseudo-value of "[different]", or something like that.

I attached a rough mockup image of this idea.
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13.05.2021 19:55


entityinspector.png (45,698 bytes)   
entityinspector.png (45,698 bytes)   


20.05.2021 19:51

developer   ~0014036

Not a bad idea. We could also change the "Entity 7" title text to say something like "[4 entities]".

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