Released 19/01/2008
0000024: [GUI] Visual representation of speaker radius (mohij)
0000416: [Saving and loading] Save causes brief "teleport" of entities (greebo)
0000442: [Map Editing] some editor variable descriptions missing (orbweaver)
0000398: [GUI] Current grid size is not reflected in menu when starting DR (greebo)
0000285: [Models] Changing the "model" key of a DEF-based entity does not updated render (greebo)
0000503: [GUI] Entity List should scroll to selected item (orbweaver)
0000395: [Design/Coding] 'Save As' removes entity filter (greebo)
0000413: [Saving and loading] Need a "Save a copy as" function (greebo)
0000184: [Documentation] Doc me: Texturing in DarkRadiant (greebo)
0000439: [Map Editing] Inherited properties not always displayed in EntityInspector. (angua)
0000423: [Saving and loading] Suggest remove save prevention (greebo)
0000360: [GUI] "Copy shader name" feature for Media Browser (orbweaver)
0000422: [Sound System] Sound Preview sometimes not playing sounds (greebo)
0000425: [Models] Model Selector should provide options for changing Filter Settings (greebo)
0000432: [General] Reload Skins command (greebo)
0000445: [Map Editing] Provide dmap command for DarkRadiant (greebo)
0000451: [General] Reproducible crash on shutdown in Linux (greebo)
0000452: [Selection System] Treemodel used for EntityList is slow and non-portable (greebo)
0000455: [Design/Coding] Move ColourManager into UIManager module (greebo)
0000456: [Map Editing] Default Grid Setting missing in Preferences (greebo)
0000331: [General] Cannot set keypair name after one is selected (greebo)
0000458: [GUI] ESC to clear selection has lost context (greebo)
0000461: [Map Editing] Unknown green dots for models in vertex mode (greebo)
0000459: [GUI] UI-frozen delays each time selecting classname property (orbweaver)
0000465: [GUI] Crash when opening Orthoview in Splitpane layout (greebo)
0000446: [GUI] Clipper tool, request to have the dots also show up in 3D view to help clip odd angles (greebo)
0000375: [GUI] Browse to model/particle/entity as part of 'Choose'? (greebo)
0000387: [GUI] Support to view/change AI skins (greebo)
0000421: [General] Crash on shutdown after using S/R editor (greebo)
0000407: [GUI] Option to disable red highlight on brushes/entities (greebo)
0000374: [GUI] Choose Classname button (greebo)
0000220: [GUI] Filter choices not restored on launch (orbweaver)
0000390: [Map Editing] Choose Model / Particle buttons for model_extinguished, model_lit (orbweaver)
0000449: [Map Editing] Request a special decal placer tool (greebo)
0000448: [Map Editing] Wish for option to have CLIP use texture (and scale) that is already on brush (if uniform)... (greebo)
0000433: [Map Editing] Add a filter for "path" entities (tels)
0000388: [Map Editing] Can't drag func_* origins after they are outside of brush bounds (greebo)
0000376: [Map Editing] Creating model from brush leaves loosely bound brush behind (greebo)
0000406: [GUI] Force alpha sorting in Entity browser (greebo)
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