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0000994DarkRadiantMap Editingpublic24.11.2020 19:53
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Summary0000994: Show attached (light) entities
DescriptionWhen an entity has some light or another entity attached, these are not visible in the editor. This makes it hard for mappers to see what exactly the entity represents.

The wish here would be that the attached entity/entities are drawn in dashed or dotted form, and these entities are selected together with the base entity.
Additional InformationAs example see atdm:moveable_candle1
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has duplicate 0001709 assignedorbweaver Show light_radius on 'other' entities 




08.01.2012 10:07

developer   ~0004229

Apparently, for lights, the combined light entites are also not rendered as lights, and it is not possible to adjust their radius/color easily, the mapper has to use the "set _color on flame" syntax manually.


26.07.2020 20:31

developer   ~0012682

Adjusting severity to Major since while this is a feature request, it is a pretty serious limitation of the renderer and makes the lighting preview mode almost useless since no entity-based lights are actually shown as lights.


11.08.2020 16:20

reporter   ~0012722

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I think this might have something to do with the way with how these entities were made, i.e. as models with lights as attachments. In every other engine I used, lights with physical representation (model / static mesh) were always a child class of the light class itself. It was always like GeneralLightClass -> SpecificLightClass -> SpecificLightWithStaticMeshClass. In one of my TDM WIPs I made lights like that, and IIRC, they were visible in lit mode. Will check that when I have time.


24.11.2020 19:53

developer   ~0013016

@Judith is correct — if object-based lights are children of the "light" class they should function correctly as lights in DR, and should even show the correct model if this is set as the "model" spawnarg (although they wouldn't show any additional attached objects, or particles). The problem is with non-light objects which spawn attached light entities at runtime, which are currently "invisible" to DR since it does not process attachments at all.

But for better or worse, we can't insist that the entire mod asset tree is restructured, and we need to handle this in DR somehow.

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