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0005743DarkRadiantGUIpublic10.09.2021 02:30
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Product Version2.13.0 
Summary0005743: Feature: "show definition" for more asset types
DescriptionThe Media Browser's right-click option "Show Material Definition" is a very useful feature because it allows to quickly inspect a material (i.e. to see which images are used so they can be imported into a photo or modelling app) or paste the whole thing into a new .mtr file to make a derivative material (before the Material Editor was made). This skips the steps of tabbing out of DR to extract the .mtr from the .pk4 (or from an unzipped installation) and finding a specific material shader within that file.

For the above reasons, it'd be great if this functionality were available for some more definition types. Some more specific remarks:
- Sounds: there are various keywords that'd be useful to see, controlling i.e. looping, default sound range & volume, randomness.
- Entities: technically the Entity Inspector already shows all the properties, but requires creating the entity, while the definition also contains comments and facilitates copying it into a new .def
- Skins: would be good to explicitly see what materials the skin exchanges in the definition.
- modelDefs: would be great to see what animations are available for an animated model. It'd help a lot when making func_animate entities.
- Particles: I don't think anything is needed here because the Particle Editor already has a copy feature, shows all settings and has a preview.
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