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0005500DarkRadiantGUIpublic10.10.2021 17:45
ReporterDragofer Assigned Togreebo  
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Product Version2.10.0 
Summary0005500: Show definitions in DR for entities, skins and modelDefs
DescriptionThe Media tab allows to right-click materials and "Show Shader Definition". This is incredibly useful for quickly creating new materials by copying the whole thing into a new .mtr and changing the paths. It's also good for seeing how specific materials were done without having to look up the .mtr file.

I think this would be a great feature if expanded to other asset definitions, specifically entities, skins and modelDefs. 0005342 was already a big step in this direction, by naming the file where the asset is defined, but still requires the mapper to exit DR and open the file, extracted from one of the .pk4's. The "Show Definition" feature would eliminate this procedure.

For modelDefs, there'd be added utility in that the mapper can see which anims are available.
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duplicate of 0005743 acknowledged Feature: "show definition" for more asset types 
related to 0005342 closedgreebo Feature: display which file an entity or soundshader is defined in 
related to 0005512 confirmed Feature: display which file a skin is defined in 




24.01.2021 04:06

administrator   ~0013500

For the records, the sound shader browser already got the right-click option in 0005342. For entityDefs, the Entity Class Tree is available to display the key/value pairs including the inherited ones.


24.01.2021 09:09

developer   ~0013502

That's great. To compensate, I just remembered that skin definitions would be good to cover too, that would make it easier to make variants of existing skins, or for TDM devs to add new models to existing skins.
Looks like skins weren't included in 0005342 yet, also.

Generally speaking, just makes it that much easier to make own definitions if you can quickly see and copy-paste an existing one. So I think that'd be good justification for showing entity definitions like they'd appear in Notepad.

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