Released 08/06/2007
0000310: [Map Editing] Pre-adjusted wall brushes after 'hollow (greebo)
0000247: [Shader System] Reloadsurface functionality (greebo)
0000282: [Map Editing] When another entity is created for an entity+brush then original entity is not deleted but remains as a black cube in game. (greebo)
0000215: [Design/Coding] Replace templated casting system with dynamic_cast (greebo)
0000308: [Map Editing] Select Children command (greebo)
0000304: [Map Editing] Sound Preview buttons in SoundChooser (greebo)
0000299: [Map Editing] If brush door given door model shape then origin point misplaced in DR grid until map saved (greebo)
0000264: [General] some inherited properties are not applied (orbweaver)
0000301: [Map Editing] Counter discrepancy (only brushcount is displayed in the statusbar) (greebo)
0000309: [Map Editing] Draggable origin for func_* entities (greebo)
0000250: [Map Editing] Delete first or last row / column of vertices of a patch always deletes the same vertices (greebo)
0000076: [GUI] Sound Selector (orbweaver)
0000294: [Map Editing] Missing surfaces from filters (greebo)
0000262: [Map Editing] Apply texture to func_* requires tab after select (greebo)
0000263: [Map Editing] Renaming func_* breaks it (greebo)
0000288: [Map Editing] Trigger texture not automatically applied to triggers (orbweaver)
0000290: [GUI] Select newly added key after addition (orbweaver)
0000240: [Map Editing] Geometry of unknown brush entities not shown (greebo)
0000276: [Design/Coding] Assertion failed on shutdown (greebo)
0000239: [Map Editing] Func_* and their Origins - selection, resizing, rotation treament considerations (greebo)
0000238: [Map Editing] Cannot resize standalone func_* brushes (SneaksieDave)
0000223: [Map Editing] Problems with selecting multi-part func_* with cam view (greebo)
0000224: [Map Editing] Func_* selection not toggled with Invert Selection (greebo)
0000040: [Saving and loading] Export to CM functionality (greebo)
0000228: [Map Editing] Smart incrementing of duplicated and prefab objects and links (greebo)
0000300: [Design/Coding] gtkutil::getLocalPixbuf() implementation tweaks (greebo)
0000268: [GUI] Add "Snap To Grid" command to toolbar and grid menu (greebo)
0000296: [Map Editing] Background image: Using offset with zoom is broken (greebo)
0000281: [Map Editing] Grid values are displayed incorrectly when zoomed out far (greebo)
0000291: [Map Editing] Switching from vertex editing mode back to primitive mode doesn't deselect the vertices (greebo)
0000249: [Map Editing] Add "Player Start here" option to Orthocontext Menu (mohij)
0000293: [General] DarkRadiant crashes when required Doom3 assets are not available (orbweaver)
0000302: [Map Editing] editor_mins/editor_maxs not inherited (e.g. path entities) (orbweaver)
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