Released 22/11/2022
0005700: [GUI] Entity inspector spawnarg fields not always updated by UI windows such as Model Chooser (greebo)
0006161: [General] Light entities are zoomed out in preview window (greebo)
0006167: [GUI] Newly appended curve control vertices aren't shown at first (greebo)
0006163: [GUI] Entity window resets interior sizing forcing resize each time it is opened (greebo)
0006168: [GUI] Spline curves should not be created with a model spawnarg (greebo)
0006169: [Map Editing] Spline entities without model spawnarg are unselectable (greebo)
0006171: [GUI] Float Property Editor's entry box is sticking around after selecting a float key (greebo)
0006172: [GUI] Script Window usability improvements (greebo)
0006166: [GUI] DR hangs if selecting a lot of entities with entity list open (greebo)
0006173: [Map Editing] Def parsing problem in tdm_playertools_lockpicks.def (greebo)
0006174: [Saving and loading] Hitting escape while autosaving crashes to desktop (greebo)
0006162: [GUI] Skin Editor (greebo)
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