Released 19/04/2010
  • 0002175: [Map Editing] Entity/Patch/Brush creation not being created at position of last selected entity... (greebo)
  • 0002178: [Saving and loading] keystroke remembered when autosaving (greebo)
  • 0002184: [Design/Coding] Crash in Octree when undoing brush-to-light conversion (greebo)
  • 0002185: [Design/Coding] Refactor function object framework (greebo)
  • 0002103: [GUI] Switch to/from render mode requires explicit mouselook click to display (greebo)
  • 0002148: [General] Nurbs do not set focus when switching views (greebo)
  • 0002186: [Design/Coding] Move ModelPreview to UIManager (greebo)
  • 0002187: [Map Editing] Disable "Update Views on Camera Movement" by default (greebo)
  • 0002113: [Design/Coding] Windows desktop compositing issues (greebo)
  • 0002176: [Design/Coding] Update boost libraries to version 1.42 (greebo)
  • 0002179: [Design/Coding] Replace Signal classes with simpler boost::function equivalents (greebo)
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