Released 09/10/2022
  • 0006108: [General] Crash on start if engine path is choosen (Doom 3) (greebo)
  • 0006116: [GUI] Material editor re-sorts stages on pasting image map resulting in wrong material stages list and wrong selected stage (greebo)
  • 0006115: [Map Editing] Selecting and deselecting a filtered child brush through layers leaves the brush selected (greebo)
  • 0006107: [GUI] Allow Layers to be arranged into a Tree (greebo)
  • 0006111: [GUI] Decal textures causes DR to crash - (textures/darkmod/decals/dirt/long_drip_pattern01) (greebo)
  • 0006114: [GUI] Skin chooser inspected: tick box force closes window (greebo)
  • 0006098: [Documentation] Include doc in building instructions (orbweaver)
  • 0006120: [Map Editing] Undoing snap to grid with prefabs causes crash (greebo)
  • 0006110: [Map Editing] Readable Editor displays "shader not found" in view (greebo)
  • 0006101: [Compilation/Build] Upstream Flatpak files (jonri)
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