Released 04/06/2016
0000230: [Map Editing] Rotation of multi-ent objects problematic (greebo)
0000389: [Map Editing] Find and replace textures ignores texture alignment (greebo)
0004282: [Map Editing] Crash when selecting an object after loading a new map (greebo)
0004294: [GUI] The AI tab shows visual AND audio acuities ranging from 0->1.00. They should range from 0->100. (greebo)
0004298: [Design/Coding] Crash when reloading def files while having a map loaded (greebo)
0004305: [GUI] Cannot set negative speed values in particle editor (greebo)
0004295: [Design/Coding] Animation viewer keeps demanding more memory (greebo)
0004307: [GUI] Have to double click to select and unselect any item on ortho. (greebo)
0004308: [GUI] New brushes have texture at lowest scale (greebo)
0004309: [GUI] Delay redraw when manipulating brushes or patches (greebo)
0004310: [GUI] Continues scrolling in orthoview: (greebo)
0004312: [GUI] Moving texture/vert points in texture tool: always moves two grid lines at a time (greebo)
0004314: [Scripting] Move Wavefront OBJ exporter code to Python (greebo)
0004315: [GUI] Color-related spawnargs should have three points of decimal precision instead of two (greebo)
0004316: [Map Editing] Patches + Incorrect Shader Paste operations breaks the 3D viewport (greebo)
0004317: [Map Editing] Rotating brushes flings them around randomly when Rotate Objects independently is on. (greebo)
0004320: [Design/Coding] Error compiling in Linux after latest commit to git. (greebo)
0004324: [GUI] Increasing/decreasing camera speed during freelook mode exits freelook (greebo)
0004328: [Saving and loading] Add support for loading older Q3 map format (greebo)
0004329: [Map Editing] Pasting Shaders from Patch To Brush Does Not Keep Texture Scale and Alignment (greebo)
0004331: [Map Editing] Target lines don't disappear from buttons if they are turned into worldspawn (greebo)
0004332: [Design/Coding] Failure to compile recent git commits in Linux. (greebo)
0004276: [Design/Coding] Path connections disappear when one endpoint is not visible (greebo)
0003570: [Map Editing] Multiple func_statics, when rotated, leave origins untouched (greebo)
0004031: [Map Editing] Intermittent crash in Prefab Selector (user81)
0004323: [GUI] Windows focus, popup/alert when selecting function off main window (user81)
0004330: [GUI] Can't move brushes and cant scroll-drag brushes: (user81)
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