Released 21/10/2007
0000361: [GUI] XY window titles not updated under linux (greebo)
0000358: [General] crash on shutdown (greebo)
0000346: [GUI] one camera default start is at base of player start (angua)
0000334: [GUI] Suggest hot keys for camera speed (angua)
0000357: [General] changes not saved (greebo)
0000347: [Saving and loading] Prefab Loading is broken (greebo)
0000350: [Map Editing] "Move Player Start Here" cannot be undone (greebo)
0000353: [Map Editing] Changing "Fixed Tesselation" values don't mark the map as changed (greebo)
0000356: [Design/Coding] Refactor ModuleSystem (greebo)
0000378: [Shader System] Shader not displayed properly for unknown reason (angua)
0000371: [Design/Coding] Crash on right click in 3d view port when in regular/regular left/split view mode (greebo)
0000368: [Saving and loading] Load error: cannot create entity for NULL entityclass (greebo)
0000273: [GUI] Cam and Entity/Media/Etc windows have lost their Min/Max buttons (greebo)
0000366: [Models] Crash on choosing model (greebo)
0000365: [Design/Coding] Some user keybinds not saved (SneaksieDave)
0000363: [Map Editing] Select complete tall and select inside select hidden func_* (greebo)
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