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0000257DarkRadiantMap Editingpublic27.06.2008 23:14
ReporterSneaksieDave Assigned Togreebo  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version0.9.0 
Target Version0.9.7Fixed in Version0.9.7 
Summary0000257: Bad name increment for entities after saving
Description-Open a new map
-Create a func_static
-Save the map under any name
-Duplicate the func_static

Now they are (presumably) named both func_static_1.
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related to 0000431 closedgreebo cloning path entities creates broken connections 
related to 0000657 closedgreebo Properties needing smart increment on load of prefab and duplicate 
child of 0000635 closedgreebo Fix or rewrite Namespace module 




05.06.2007 08:47

administrator   ~0000669

This seems to happen with "unnamed" maps only. Saving a named map ("") under a new name ("") doesn't produce this bug.


05.06.2007 14:14

administrator   ~0000670

Last edited: 05.06.2007 14:14

Ok, I give up on this now. There is something weird going on.

For the records: the GlobalNamespace is somehow being emptied when an unnamed map is saved under a new name. This does not happen when saving previously named maps.

This occurs somehwere in a destructor chain. The ReferenceCache::ResourcePtr of the Map is newly set on renaming and right after the old ResourcePtr is replaced (which triggers the ModelResource destructor) the Namespace is empty. I have no idea what is going on here, probably something nasty.



17.06.2007 17:04

reporter   ~0000707

Hmm, I get the bug even with a map named, e.g.,

New map
Create brush, convert to func_static
Save as test14
Re-select and duplicate brush; I now have two func_static_1's.

Anyway, it's still pretty easy to work around. Reloading the map clears the problem; duplicating twice clears the problem.


17.06.2007 18:01

administrator   ~0000708

I know, for some reason the list of namespaced items gets cleared when saving unnamed maps, and I don't know why this occurs.


03.11.2007 12:19

reporter   ~0000813

Just for the record, I get the "duplicate" names issue quite often, and I do not save "unnamed" maps at all :)

However, I couldn't really find out when this happens, I just know I have this like twice a day :/

What would help if there was a way to find duplicate named entities in DR, or even search for an entity by name (given my luck, it is probably already implemented, but I can't find it :)

Right now the only time you find out about duplicates is loading the map in doom - and then it can be quite difficult finding the culprit.


03.01.2008 21:39

updater   ~0000971

Last edited: 03.01.2008 21:43

I've been getting this too.

I have saved maps under a name: bc_manor_01, 02...

Duplicate names happens when I clone and also when I create a new entity.
 Can't say I've had the problem when creating a model, not sure about that.

It doesn't seem to happen for any particular reason. It happens alot.
Guess this goes here too.

Door names/or door handle names change.

Door1 and handle 1, one will become door01, or door0.
Haven't determined how exactly the name changes, will try to keep an eye on that.
 Doesn't happen as much as the other objects but happens too much.
Makes the door handles end up attaching to another door or just not attached to door at all.



02.03.2008 20:16

reporter   ~0001079

Last edited: 02.03.2008 20:18

I've changed the description from "func_*" to "entities". I've gotten this numerous times over the past two days for lights. My guess is it's the first duplicate created after a re-launch of DR or load of map. I get duplicate "light_1" entities after every time I have to shutdown and restart DR (because it and Doom3 are battling for system resources), and then I make a copy of a light.



02.04.2008 23:43

reporter   ~0001123

I've had it happen again recently and it seemed to be right after I saved my map with a new name (from komag_city60 to komag_city61) and then duped a few things like lights. It sure it annoying

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