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0000385DarkRadiantMap Editingpublic27.06.2008 23:10
ReporterSneaksieDave Assigned Togreebo  
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Product Version0.9.2 
Target Version0.9.7Fixed in Version0.9.7 
Summary0000385: Don't increment target fields on duplicated entities
DescriptionCreate an AI, and give him a targetted patrol point (e.g., path_corner_1).
Now, duplicate that AI.

The new AI has a "target0" of "path_corner_2".

This target may not necessarily exist. Some obvious problems from this:

-console warnings? Possibly more sinister effects (CPU eating?) from not being able to find the target
-if the target DOES exist, the AI may now be unintentionally targetting the wrong point
-if a new point is created, and then the user targets the AI to that point, that AI now has two targets, target0 (the bad one) and target1 (the correct one).

I haven't explored all possibilities of course, but I think a safe fix might be simply not to increment "target" fields on duplicates. Thoughts?
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has duplicate 0000431 closedgreebo cloning path entities creates broken connections 
child of 0000635 closedgreebo Fix or rewrite Namespace module 




21.10.2007 18:32

administrator   ~0000795

I think not incrementing the target field would be ok, although I don't know if the incrementing is easy to prevent (it's handled very generally by looking for all kinds of "incrementable" spawnargs like name, bind, etc.).


27.06.2008 23:10

reporter   ~0001381

Looks good. There could be an argument for not including target fields at all on duplicates... but one could argue the other way (how it is now) just as easily. The user need only delete the target, if they prefer duplicating things instead of creating.

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