Released 07/03/2008
0000583: [Selection System] Select object and hide all other with ctrl+shift+H (greebo)
0000343: [General] Some models not selected/shown in some situations when region and select inside used. (greebo)
0000494: [Renderer] Light volume bounding boxes not shown in 3D view (orbweaver)
0000533: [General] Non-english characters in Windows username causes log creation error (greebo)
0000463: [Design/Coding] Scenegraph Refactor (greebo)
       0000402: [Map Editing] crash on "revert to worldspawn" (tels)
       0000022: [GUI] Layers (greebo)
             0000616: [Map Editing] Func_static brushes are moved back to default layer when reverted to worldspawn (greebo)
       0000242: [General] some models disappear when switching on region (greebo)
0000462: [Models] Skin display gets lost after "Reload Models" command. (greebo)
0000559: [GUI] Difficulty Editor GUI (greebo)
0000609: [Map Editing] Thicken patch feature produces weird patches in-game (greebo)
0000618: [Design/Coding] Memory leaks in XMLRegistry (greebo)
0000615: [General] Crash upon using Entity List (greebo)
0000595: [Map Editing] Visual link between entities lost after duplicating (greebo)
0000561: [GUI] Add ability to have certain commands react on keyup instead of keydown (greebo)
0000580: [GUI] Add GroupDialog to UI Manager interface (greebo)
0000507: [GUI] Showing texture dimensions in the Texture Browser (greebo)
0000495: [Map Editing] Using the Surfaceinspector on grouped brushes without having to select all faces manually (greebo)
0000577: [Design/Coding] Refactor entity Target code (greebo)
       0000537: [General] Crash on closing map with target0 (greebo)
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