Released 30/12/2008
0001548: [GUI] "rename" functionality for layers (greebo)
0001549: [GUI] Add 'make new layer' option to RMB menu in ortho (greebo)
0001576: [Map Editing] cloned speaker initially not showing radius correctly. (greebo)
0001583: [Saving and loading] Loading blackhear_manor crashes after the DDS fixes (greebo)
0001588: [GUI] Layers not sorted in alphabetical order (greebo)
0000680: [Map Editing] Texture alignment method: (greebo)
0001106: [GUI] missing scrollbar in texture browser (greebo)
0001292: [Saving and loading] Textures from model skins disappear on map reload. (greebo)
0001440: [Renderer] Entity derived from "light" with default colour renders as white until colour is changed (greebo)
0001552: [Design/Coding] Need mod of cap cylinder else dedicated cap cone (greebo)
0001590: [Saving and loading] Texture replaced by default (greebo)
0001593: [Saving and loading] Cancelling a map load then saving, overwrites map (greebo)
0001594: [General] Select decal after 'make decal from selected surface' (greebo)
0001554: [Models] Missing models for entities with def_attach and inheritance (greebo)
0001556: [Models] Crash when zooming in Model Viewer without selection (greebo)
0001136: [Map Editing] Support for fs_game_base (greebo)
0001197: [General] Add support for user-defined filter XML file (greebo)
0001577: [Design/Coding] Update GTK libraries to 2.14.5 (Win32) (greebo)
0001578: [Design/Coding] Compilation for Windows x64 target (greebo)
0001585: [GUI] Crash on unloading objectives editor module (greebo)
0001589: [GUI] Filter Customisation GUI (greebo)
0001112: [GUI] Request for "Make Visportal" in RMB menu. (greebo)
0000956: [Saving and loading] Load prefabs into current layer(s) (greebo)
0000460: [GUI] Cannot use 'Choose model' for existing to change skin (greebo)
0001550: [Design/Coding] Disallow single click selection for hidden Layers (greebo)
0001471: [GUI] Smarter string seeking (greebo)
0001466: [Design/Coding] Pre-load texture library as part of app load? (greebo)
0001470: [GUI] Arrows on path lines indicating direction (greebo)
0001398: [GUI] Folders first listing for media tree (greebo)
0000572: [Map Editing] Object with changed classname suffers frobbing changes (SneaksieDave)
0000702: [Shader System] Possible memory leak in material loading and flushing (greebo)
0000697: [Shader System] Proper DDS support for memory and performance (greebo)
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