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0000094DarkRadiantGUIpublic12.03.2009 07:32
Reportergreebo Assigned Togreebo  
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Product Version0.9.0 
Target Version0.9.11Fixed in Version0.9.11 
Summary0000094: Redesign Mainframe Layout Handling
DescriptionThe implementation of the four possible viewstyles (splitpane, floating, etc.) is not designed very well with massive use of globals and if statements.

I'd propose an abstract WindowLayout class definition that can be derived from. The MainFrame class allocates one of the four (or more?) derived classes (e.g. class SplitPane : public WindowLayout) and packs their GtkWidget representation into the main window without caring about the implementation details.
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09.02.2007 20:43

developer   ~0000076

The derived class approach is certainly much better than using conditionals, and would make for easier maintenance.

In the longer term, we should investigate better solutions to the interface than having separate hardcoded layouts. Both Blender and Eclipse solve this problem in their own way, and it MAY be possible to do something similar with GTK. The default Floating Window layout is a horrible SDI/MDI hybrid hack which really should be replaced.

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