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0000403DarkRadiantGUIpublic31.12.2009 20:34
ReporterSneaksieDave Assigned ToSneaksieDave  
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Product Version0.9.2 
Summary0000403: Stored window layouts
DescriptionOne of my projects at work has the concept of layouts within the UI - you can place the child windows in whatever positions you want them, save the layout, and then repeat for up to 10 slots. Then, you can call the layouts back at a hotkey press.

I was thinking that this would be a useful feature for DR. Most of the time, I keep my layout as approx 70% ortho, and 15%/15% cam/inspectors. But, when I want to do camera-only stuff, like applying and fine-adjusting textures, I want a large cam window. Currently, I doubleclick the titlebar and maximize it and that works great. However, then the window covers the Textures Inspector. I usually end up manually sizing my cam window to about 90%, so a bit of the Inspector sticks out below, so I can click it to bring it forward (since DR/GTK lacks an 'Always On Top' setting). Then the idea hit me. It would be great to set up an alternate layout, for when I do texturing: 70% cam, and 15/15 ortho/inspectors. With a keypress, I could toggle to it, and back when I'm done. With that, the inspectors window is always in clear view, and I've got a nice big cam window to work with, with a single hotkey press.

Obviously it'd have other application as well: From one-ortho to three-ortho swap, full length entity browser, etc.
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parent of 0000639 closedgreebo Maximize cam view toggle hotkey 




01.08.2008 00:20

reporter   ~0001475

I was about to track this exact thing, as I have been lately using a dual-monitor setup both at home and at work, but at work the second monitor is to the right of my laptop screen and vice versa at home. Every time I start DR at home or work I have to rearrange everything again!

I suppost this would work easiest with the "Floating" Interface (most popular Interface I think), but I can see it being useful with the others as well. So if it could only be implemented for "Floating" that would be good enough.

Perhaps it could save the data within the .darkradiant file each map has


26.12.2009 10:02

administrator   ~0002799

Up for review: is this still an issue with the other three related issues resolved?


31.12.2009 20:34

reporter   ~0002814

Toggling between two hotkeyed layouts (floating and split) it works well.

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