Released 15/06/2022
0005968: [General] 3.0.0pre7: origin of player start entity misaligned (greebo)
0005831: [GUI] Texture search dosent work (greebo)
0005811: [Renderer] Texture dithering in Cameraview in 2.14 (greebo)
0005431: [GUI] Windows not properly repainted after resize (greebo)
0005907: [GUI] Allow way to hide some entities in Create Entity list (orbweaver)
0005878: [GUI] Free Rotation not working anymore, can only rotate along 3 axes (greebo)
0005964: [GUI] Cannot manipulate func_emitter after creation (greebo)
0005949: [General] DR crash with combination of mouse buttons pressed (greebo)
0005950: [Renderer] Visibility checks are slowing down front-end render pass (greebo)
0005951: [Renderer] "Hide Deselected" is slowed when there's a lot of patches present in the scene (greebo)
0005952: [Design/Coding] Extract interface from ObjectRenderer (greebo)
0005953: [Renderer] Wireframe object drawing order is changing between sessions (greebo)
0005955: [Map Editing] Player start entity is invisible in 3.0.0pre5 (greebo)
0005959: [Renderer] Geometry Corruption / weird diagonal lines messing up the view (greebo)
0005960: [General] Crash in MD5 model viewer (greebo)
0005963: [Renderer] More Geometry Corruption in Camera View (Lighting Mode) (greebo)
0005965: [GUI] Resizing light entites via light_radius in property inspector broken (greebo)
0005966: [GUI] Light entity radious colour changes as you pan the camera around. (greebo)
0005969: [GUI] Cannot snap selected patch vertices to grid (greebo)
0000219: [Renderer] Realtime shadow mode (greebo)
0005911: [Design/Coding] Unify Declaration Parsers (greebo)
0005792: [GUI] Zoom in orthoview Broken (greebo)
0005761: [Map Editing] Cut functionality to complement copy and paste (greebo)
0005787: [GUI] Add "Create Particle" to right-click orthoview drop-down menu (greebo)
0005893: [Renderer] Entity-to-light mapping structures for lighting mode rendering (greebo)
0005920: [Design/Coding] Update solution and build dependencies to Visual Studio 2022 (greebo)
0005925: [GUI] Objective GUI doesn't display properly in some places (greebo)
0005927: [Design/Coding] Save user settings by application version (greebo)
0005757: [GUI] Ability to center 3D camera on selected entity (greebo)
0005822: [GUI] Feature Request: Improve UI for worldspawn-to-entity conversion (greebo)
0005905: [Saving and loading] Feature Request: Safeguard against Loss of Layering (greebo)
0005910: [GUI] Entity Inspector: classname field should always be read-only, to force use of the "Choose entity class" button (greebo)
0005931: [Map Editing] 3D view patch selection box not attached (3.0.0 pre1) (greebo)
0005932: [Renderer] ForceShadows materials are not casting shadows (greebo)
0005933: [Renderer] Moving brushes doesn't update the scene in lit render mode (greebo)
0005934: [Renderer] Selection overlay is z-fighting on patches (greebo)
0005935: [General] Reload Defs takes longer every time (orbweaver)
0005936: [Renderer] Ambient lights don't render properly in lighting preview mode (greebo)
0005937: [GUI] Sound radius spheres don't always update (greebo)
0005938: [Renderer] Additive blend stages over black diffusemap are z-fighting (greebo)
0005939: [GUI] "Texture tool" Free rotation not showing anymore (3.0.0) (greebo)
0005940: [Renderer] Light diamond frequently disappears on colour change until it's moved again (greebo)
0005941: [Renderer] Selected Skin not showing in ModelSelector (greebo)
0005942: [Map Editing] Missing brushes when opening alphalabs1 from vanilla Doom 3 PK4s (greebo)
0005943: [Renderer] Brush manipulation is laggy in huge maps (greebo)
0005945: [Renderer] Light diamonds should be transparent again (greebo)
0005946: [Renderer] Speaker radii should be transparent (greebo)
0005947: [Map Editing] Git Sync Exception: too many redirects or authentication replays (greebo)
0005948: [Renderer] Manipulation Vertex Dots are hard to see (greebo)
0005840: [General] DR crashes when syncing with remote Git repository (greebo)
0005846: [Map Editing] Rotating a func_static result to random stretch textures (greebo)
0005848: [GUI] MD5 Animation Viewer: show current frame & total frames (greebo)
0005849: [GUI] MD5 Animation Viewer: jump to frame (greebo)
0005864: [GUI] Map -> Edit Package Info (darkmod.txt)... crashes DarkRadiant (greebo)
0005829: [GUI] Entity inspector shows inherited spawnargs of previous selection (greebo)
0005853: [Shader System] DR overwrite order for defs is different from TDM's (greebo)
0005858: [Map Editing] "Replace Selection with exported Model" sets classname to "func_static". (greebo)
0005873: [GUI] Entity inspector should recognise spawnargs beginning with "sprS_" as def spawnargs (greebo)
0005897: [GUI] [Mouse Bindings] X/Y and Camera View bindings don't save properly (greebo)
0005908: [Renderer] Fix Material Preview rendering (greebo)
0005909: [Renderer] Revisit Interaction Shader to get closer to the TDM looks (greebo)
0005912: [Renderer] Move GL draw calls to central location (greebo)
0005916: [Renderer] Vertex colours do not show on models in lighting mode (greebo)
0005919: [Saving and loading] Crash on loading certain maps (greebo)
0005923: [Renderer] TargetLineNodes are updating their geometry every frame (greebo)
0005924: [Renderer] Renderer to operate on single-precision floats (greebo)
0005584: [Renderer] Move openGL render calls to Backend (greebo)
0005825: [General] Absolute paths for snapshots (greebo)
0005826: [GUI] Entity inspector considers inherited colors black (greebo)
0005841: [GUI] Dockable window layout doesn't save new floating XY views (greebo)
0005844: [GUI] "Choose skin..." button on custom model spawnargs shows skins for main model spawnarg (greebo)
0005847: [General] Switching visibility of Github repo from public to private causes crash (greebo)
0005836: [Map Editing] Changing multiple lights between omni/projected resets colours to black (orbweaver)
0005872: [GUI] Option to filter skins out of search results in the Choose Model dialogue (orbweaver)
0005884: [GUI] Model chooser radio box selection issue: (orbweaver)
0005885: [GUI] ReloadDefs moves def_attached light crystals to entity origin (orbweaver)
0005901: [Map Editing] .lin files can't be opened if different case than .map name (orbweaver)
0005902: [GUI] Right click conteaxt menu (orbweaver)
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