Released 12/11/2022
0006158: [GUI] ModelDefs are now shown in T-pose (greebo)
0006159: [Scripting] Add Radiant.findEntityByName script method (greebo)
0006145: [Map Editing] Selection Focus (greebo)
0006157: [GUI] Patch vertices are the wrong colour (greebo)
0004764: [GUI] Media Browser shows a thumbnail preview when selecting folders (greebo)
0006156: [GUI] Conversation Editor: double-click opens selected conversation (greebo)
0006151: [General] Shader Clipboard source gets cleared on 'copy shader' operation (greebo)
0006154: [Map Editing] Nodes of hidden layers are still visible after loading the map (greebo)
0006152: [General] Feature Request: Option to disable drag select in camera view (greebo)
0006146: [GUI] Can't close properties window (greebo)
0006147: [Renderer] Merge Action rendering is broken (greebo)
0006144: [GUI] After using ToggleMainControl_Camera, the center panel is grey after restart (greebo)
0006143: [GUI] When using ToggleMainControl_Camera, arrow keys cannot be used to move the viewer (greebo)
0006140: [GUI] ESC key should clear the resource tree view filter text (greebo)
0006128: [GUI] New layers function: popup getting in the way (greebo)
0006142: [GUI] Property Panel not remembering undocked/closed tabs (greebo)
0006141: [GUI] Texture Tool not updating during manipulation (greebo)
0006009: [GUI] Orthoview ignores filters for surfaces in models (greebo)
0005281: [Saving and loading] Feature: remember layer visibilities (greebo)
0006104: [Selection System] Blue dot when selecting one face removed (greebo)
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