Released 02/11/2007
  • 0000381: [GUI] "description" tags from material files are ignored (greebo)
  • 0000382: [Design/Coding] Closing 'choose sound' dialog crashes DR (greebo)
  • 0000372: [GUI] editor_usageX definitions are ignored/not shown (angua)
  • 0000394: [Shader System] Crash on selecting monster_clip texture (greebo)
  • 0000392: [Saving and loading] Invalid floating point values (1.#INF) are created when capping patches (greebo)
  • 0000393: [Saving and loading] Problem with handling 1.#INF values (greebo)
  • 0000338: [Map Editing] Select Complete Tall and Select Inside not selecting some func_statics (SneaksieDave)
  • 0000386: [GUI] Choose Model dialog needs a sort column header (greebo)
  • 0000383: [GUI] Show (other) Materials hierarchy in Media Tab (greebo)
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