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0005754DarkRadiantGUIpublic02.04.2022 05:55
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Product Version2.13.0 
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Summary0005754: Ctrl-S does not work when focus is on inputs
DescriptionIf I've just finished typing into spawn arg inputs and the focus is still there, I need to click somewhere else for the Ctrl-S shortcut to work
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11.09.2021 09:18

developer   ~0014347

Last edited: 11.09.2021 09:21

Sorry, can you shed some light here?
It seems that by default menu shortcuts remain active with inputs with wxWidgets in general
Here's the test program that demonstrates this (built with the DR wxWidgets files)

Is there some kind of manual override that prevents this in DR?
BTW I noticed that e.g. Esc shortcut still works. Do you intercept alpha keys somewhere?
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11.09.2021 12:04

administrator   ~0014349

The vanilly wxWidgets menu item handling has some things going on behind the scene. For instance, it will inspect the display string you pass to the menu item and will extract the Shortcut "Ctrl-S" from it, registering it as "global hotkey". That's why you see that behaviour.

DR is not using the global hotkeys, it has custom handling for shortcuts and mouse events. You can have a look at the radiant/eventmanager/ folder. There's a GlobalKeyEventFilter class which can you probably make some sense of. It intercepts the key events on a low level and deals with the exceptions.


11.09.2021 18:04

developer   ~0014352

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DarkRadiant: master ebe064a1

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0005754: Merge pull request 0000020 from duzenko/5754_shortcuts_inputs

Simple filter to allow some menu shortcuts when focus is on a text input
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DarkRadiant: master 8e1dafbc

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0005754: Add Ctrl-A to list of shortcuts. Refactoring. Affected Issues
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