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0000020The Dark ModAIpublic12.09.2021 04:30
ReporterSneaksieDave Assigned Toangua  
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Summary0000020: Standing Guard Doesn't Remember Orientation On Returning

I've got a standing guard (no path). I alert him so he starts searching, wandering around. Wait (a really long time... several minutes) for him to calm down and return to his standing spot. He does go back to the spot, but it seems like the angle he faces from that point forward is random, or at least, it's not the original facing angle.
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05.11.2007 15:55

manager   ~0000824

Fixed in new AI system.


06.11.2007 15:31

reporter   ~0000832

Holding off on this for a bit, as AI are _very_ much WIP; it's a bit too hard to be sure about the result (most of the time the AI wander into a wall or doorway and keep plodding forward, not moving, and never return to their standing spot at all)


30.04.2008 15:25

reporter   ~0001179

Enthusiasm toward AI testing, rising... :)

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0005754: Merge pull request 0000020 from duzenko/5754_shortcuts_inputs

Simple filter to allow some menu shortcuts when focus is on a text input
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0000020, 0005754
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