Released 20/06/2010
0002274: [Map Editing] If a patch shader is filtered, the patch itself can still be selected/affected (greebo)
0002275: [Design/Coding] Convert to Func_static should be a proper command, accessible via the console (greebo)
0002204: [Map Editing] patches of prefabs don't appear in the viewer (greebo)
0001918: [Renderer] Decal transparency problems in 0.10.0 (orbweaver)
0002248: [General] Ortho views always aligned to Z_Y on startup (greebo)
0002249: [Design/Coding] DR 1.3.1: Dragging in ortho-view - if part of an item offscreen, its invisable untill release.
0002252: [Mapping] DR 1.3.1: Grid miss-alignment issue
0002230: [Map Editing] Portal Sky texture rendering black in rendered view (greebo)
0002253: [General] NURB spline data is broken (greebo)
0002254: [Renderer] Patch Filtering problems with weather textures (greebo)
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