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0005408DarkRadiantDesign/Codingpublic29.06.2021 12:45
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Product Version2.8.0 
Summary0005408: All scene graphs connect to the same undo system, causing interference
DescriptionIn Issue 0005402 interference of the two scenegraphs in the ModelPreview and the rest of the map can be observed, caused by the Nodes connecting to the same global undo system. The Undo System or the change tracking needs to be able to distinguish between the scenes, similar as the LayerManager refactoring done in the past.
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related to 0005402 closedgreebo Model browser renders 3D previews for past models, overlaps current selection 




26.06.2021 18:10

administrator   ~0014127

As of 2.13.0pre3, this is actually causing crashes when undoing a createEntity operation.


29.06.2021 12:45

reporter   ~0014134

This might explain why in some cases, if I select a surface (not sure if entire brush too) and change its texture then use undo, the texture change will sometimes be ignored and the undo system will skip it and proceed to undo only other changes before that. It's a bug I forgot to report separately but should wait for this fix to reach Git before I do.

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DarkRadiant: master d13fd481

2021-06-26 18:16:07


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0005408: Work around running into a crash due to the ModelPreview scenegraph pushing undoables to the global undo operation stack.
If the calling code of EntityClassChooser::chooseEntityClass() creates an UndoableCommand before the call, all manipulations of the ModelPreview scene go to that active UndoOperation. When trying to undo that, the nodes in question have long been deleted and the restoreSnapshot method provokes a crash.
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