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0005505DarkRadiantGUIpublic25.01.2021 07:01
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Product Version2.10.0 
Summary0005505: Selecting a prefab in Prefab Chooser counts as a saveable change
DescriptionThe mere act of selecting a prefab in the Prefab Chooser is enough to make DR consider the map as having changed, even if the mapper clicks on Cancel. When exiting DR, it'll ask whether the mapper wants to save the changes.
Steps To Reproduce0) Create or load a map.
1) Open the Prefab Chooser and select (highlight) a prefab. The map name at the top of DR now has an asterisk.
2) Click Cancel, then close DR. It asks whether you want to save your changes.
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25.01.2021 04:33

administrator   ~0013507

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Can't repro this with these steps:
- Open DR
- RMB > Insert Prefab...
- Select a few from the tree to load them in the preview
- Click Cancel
- Ctrl-Z => "no undo available"

Am I missing a step?


25.01.2021 07:01

developer   ~0013511

This again demonstrates the worth of not posting bugs from memory, and of creating and testing repro steps, even for the most trivial issues.

I've transformed the issue. I ran into this a lot while I was investigating TDM's prefab base.

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