Released 06/02/2009
0000696: [Map Editing] Unable to set the subdivisions manually for all selected patches. (greebo)
0000912: [GUI] With Floating, hit Ctrl-Tab and only first ortho (not currently selected one) switchs from Top/Front/Side (greebo)
0001119: [GUI] Provide info when loading prefabs (greebo)
0001570: [GUI] Properties already set are not in the add properties list so description cannot be read (greebo)
0001633: [General] Models not staying on visible layer (greebo)
0000454: [Design/Coding] Move StatusBar stuff into UIManager (greebo)
0001602: [Map Editing] GameManager doesn't accept fs_game base path at startup (greebo)
0001632: [GUI] objN_target_complete and objN_target_failure not saved/read (greebo)
0001638: [Design/Coding] DarkRadiant's DefTokeniser has problems with multi-line concatenated strings (greebo)
0001645: [Map Editing] Cannot edit spawnargs on worldspawn. (greebo)
0001604: [General] Unpredictable behavior adding items with no visible Layer (greebo)
0000571: [General] Object with changed classname uses old identity for 'Add property' until reload (greebo)
0000644: [GUI] Targetn fields lack Target selector (greebo)
0001650: [GUI] Empty first line of EntityList (greebo)
0001608: [General] Viewport lockup perhaps due to uninitialized texture (greebo)
0001649: [General] Crash on deleting first entity (greebo)
0000631: [Map Editing] Revert to worldspawn partial (greebo)
0001452: [Design/Coding] Better naming of autosave files for sake of sort order and auto-complete (greebo)
0001078: [GUI] Prefab viewer (greebo)
0001605: [Design/Coding] Smart string searching for Models and Textures (greebo)
0001606: [Design/Coding] Destroy model displays after closing dialog? (greebo)
0001620: [Models] Filters menu in model chooser is gone (greebo)
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