Released 09/08/2021
0005644: [General] Non uniform light volume scaling not working (greebo)
0005675: [Saving and loading] Auto-save is slow when animation or particle viewer is playing (greebo)
0005679: [GUI] Show axis when 'R'otating entities (greebo)
0005686: [Renderer] BC5 normal maps cannot be loaded (orbweaver)
0005692: [GUI] ModelSelector: add ability to rescan folders without having to reload all models (greebo)
0005662: [General] Version Control Integration (greebo)
0005682: [GUI] Problems with particle preview (greebo)
0005697: [GUI] Cannot view or copy from built-in Filters (greebo)
0005603: [GUI] Ability to choose from several different pointfiles (orbweaver)
0005604: [Compilation/Build] wxgtk dependency renamed in Arch Linux (greebo)
0005621: [GUI] A way to display editor_usage in the Entity Inspector window (greebo)
0005623: [Map Editing] Differential Map Merge (greebo)
       0005622: [Map Editing] Map Comparison/Diffing (greebo)
0005628: [Models] Some ASE models do not load (greebo)
0005629: [Map Editing] "Shift textures randomly" shifts all selected faces by the same amount (greebo)
0005632: [Map Editing] Restore non-uniform scaling for texture browser. (greebo)
0005634: [Map Editing] Paste material-header to surface from clipboard with hotkey. (greebo)
0005635: [Map Editing] Selection by coords. (greebo)
0005638: [Map Editing] Support Selection Groups when merging Maps (greebo)
0005639: [Map Editing] Support Layers when merging Maps (greebo)
0005640: [Documentation] Document Layer Script Interface (greebo)
0005642: [GUI] Entity & Speaker windows don't remember their size (greebo)
0005107: [GUI] 'Change game/project' fails to save if a decent-sized .map was loaded (greebo)
0005557: [GUI] “Choose entity...” button for all def_ spawnargs (greebo)
0005561: [GUI] Refresh entity inspector when reloading defs (greebo)
0005637: [Map Editing] Increase maximum zoom level of 2D views (greebo)
0005641: [Renderer] Non power of 2 textures show up black in (orbweaver)
0005643: [Map Editing] Three-Way Map Merge (greebo)
0005649: [GUI] CTRL + MMB in orthoview: place camera at height of most recent selection (greebo)
0005650: [GUI] Add "Show Material Definition" to ShaderSelector tree views (greebo)
0005651: [Map Editing] Crash when using Reloading Defs after placing an Entity (greebo)
0005652: [Map Editing] Reload Defs is messing up the entityDefs (greebo)
0005655: [GUI] Create Entity window no longer remembers the previous item (greebo)
0005658: [Models] Model exporter: no model is exported if folder path doesn't exist yet (greebo)
0005660: [Saving and loading] Map Loading Performance Improvements (greebo)
0005667: [GUI] Improve workflow for adjusting light brightnesses (orbweaver)
0005681: [GUI] Copying a particle in the Particle Editor creates an ___editor list entry which can lead to crashes (greebo)
0005684: [GUI] Aspect ratio preserving Fit Texture option (orbweaver)
0005555: [Map Editing] Crash when activating GameConnection Feature "update entities on every change" (greebo)
0005608: [GUI] Path entites rotate 15 degrees, each time when dragged. (greebo)
0005607: [General] Crash when selecting an MD5 model in "Create Model..." menu (greebo)
0005609: [General] Model previewer not displaying ASE or LWO models (greebo)
0005620: [Map Editing] Prefabs importing miles away (greebo)
0005602: [General] Crash when activating the Material Editor in Doom3 game config (greebo)
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