Released 08/04/2011
0002697: [Translation] German translation contains wrong number of parameters (greebo)
0002710: [Renderer] Entity origins missing/not rendered (greebo)
0002713: [Design/Coding] matrix4_reflection_for_plane45 tmp matrix is unused (greebo)
0002718: [GUI] At grid 4, when you zoom in, but beyond a certain point the grid disappears (greebo)
0002719: [GUI] Some grid lines skipped in OrthoView (greebo)
0002720: [Objectives] Objectives Editor doesn't retain difficulty 2 mission success logic (greebo)
0002592: [Design/Coding] make[2]: *** [darkradiant-Shader.o] Error 1 (greebo)
0002610: [Design/Coding] Redesign Map Import/Export code (greebo)
0002631: [GUI] Add preference option to select SourceView style schemes (greebo)
0002641: [Selection System] Mirroring a func_static with child brushes just leads to (huge) translations (greebo)
0002250: [Design/Coding] DR 1.3.1-1.4.0pre: Single pixel lines showing where joins in brush work. (greebo)
0002574: [Map Editing] Grid cuelines visualy interfere with map objects (greebo)
0002647: [Renderer] Slow Registry lookup in GenericEntity::renderArrow (greebo)
0002649: [Renderer] Eliminate slow dynamic_casts from front end render pass (greebo)
0002653: [Renderer] Convert math classes from double back to float (greebo)
0002656: [Design/Coding] Crash upon importing readables with more than 9 pages (STiFU)
0002657: [GUI] ModelPreview size problems on eyefinity (greebo)
0002658: [Models] Model shaders are showing as "Shader Not Found" on a regular basis (greebo)
0002666: [Design/Coding] Disable Desktop Composition no longer working (greebo)
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