Released 03/02/2023
0006198: [GUI] Model Selector widgets are cut off and flicker constantly on Linux (orbweaver)
0006226: [General] DarkRadiant will not start without Dark Mod plugins (orbweaver)
0006238: [GUI] Mission selection list in Game setup is not alphabetically sorted (orbweaver)
0006249: [Map Editing] GenericEntityNode not calculating the direction correctly with "editor_rotatable" (greebo)
0006248: [Renderer] RenderableArrow not drawing the tip correctly for arbitrary rotations (greebo)
0006212: [Shader System] Support new frob-related material keywords (greebo)
0006216: [GUI] Light Inspector crashes on Linux (orbweaver)
0006185: [Renderer] Models glitch out when filtering then showing them (greebo)
0006176: [GUI] Skin Editor: models not centered well in preview (greebo)
0006183: [GUI] Silence sound shader button (greebo)
0006180: [GUI] "Copy Resource Path" includes top level folders (greebo)
0006201: [GUI] Add Reload Definitions button to Model Chooser (greebo)
0006181: [GUI] Skin Editor: internal test skins are shown if Material Editor was open previously (greebo)
0006189: [Saving and loading] Changing Game/Project doesn't update loaded assets correctly (greebo)
0006199: [GUI] Model Chooser: initially hidden materials aren't revealed when enabling them (greebo)
0006195: [General] Choosing AI entity class 'atdm:townsfolk_commoner_update' causes crash (greebo)
0006178: [General] Sporadic assertion failure on shutdown due to LocalBitmapArtProvider destruction (orbweaver)
0006187: [GUI] Prefab Selector spams infinite error dialogs on Linux (orbweaver)
0005827: [GUI] Better distinction between inherited and regular spawnargs (orbweaver)
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