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0005465DarkRadiantGUIpublic05.09.2021 18:21
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Product Version2.9.1 
Target Version2.12.0Fixed in Version2.12.0 
Summary0005465: Brushes with no visible surface towards orthoview "camera" are invisible in orthoview
DescriptionIf I use filters to hide 5 out of 6 surfaces on a brush, and the 6th surface faces away from the direction that orthoview is looking at it, the brush is invisible in orthoview.

For example, if I'm in top-down orthoview (looking down onto the map), and the sole visible surface of a brush is facing downwards.
Steps To Reproduce1) Create a brush, texture it with caulk. Duplicate it and move the copy to the side horizontally.
2) Apply the rough_wood_darkbrown material to the upfacing surface of one brush and to the downfacing surface of the other brush.
3) Make sure you're in top-down orthoview, then enable the caulk filter. The brush that has rough_wood_darkbrown on its downfacing surface disappears in orthoview.
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related to 0005444 closedgreebo Brushes with no visible surface towards orthoview "camera" are unselectable in orthoview 




26.12.2020 14:04

developer   ~0013244

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Just to keep track of this separate, less significant issue related to brushes with few visible faces.


26.12.2020 14:28

developer   ~0013248

Note that these bugs affect all 3 orthoview directions, not just downfacing brushes in top-down orthoview (looking at the wording of your release notes for 2.10)


05.02.2021 03:50

administrator   ~0013644

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This is how the change affects orthoview rendering (the top screenshot is the newer one)
culling_new.png (64,311 bytes)   
culling_new.png (64,311 bytes)   
culling_old.png (59,888 bytes)   
culling_old.png (59,888 bytes)   

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DarkRadiant: master 4c6e85e2

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0005465: Backfacing brush faces are no longer being culled in orthoviews Affected Issues
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