Released 29/08/2008
0000536: [GUI] Entity list panel size not saved (greebo)
0000668: [Design/Coding] Select surface. Convert to func_static. Runtime error (greebo)
0000670: [Selection System] RMB mouse trap in Texture Browser (greebo)
0000672: [Saving and loading] Crash on open if 'reload last map' pref set. (greebo)
0000690: [Selection System] Model screen become un-resizable (greebo)
0000504: [GUI] Selecting object in Entity List moves camera/selection without explicit action (greebo)
0001000: [Selection System] Crash when selecting multiple complex models. (greebo)
0000908: [Design/Coding] Crash at shutdown when Entity List is open (greebo)
0000640: [Renderer] Entity subclasses make slow calls to XMLRegistry::get() during render pass (orbweaver)
0001087: [General] Crash adding new objectives
0000612: [Map Editing] Add a "Make Visportal" feature for automatic texturing of the target brush (greebo)
0000621: [Design/Coding] Replace TextOutputStream with standards-compliant streams (greebo)
0000634: [Shader System] FilterSystem is queried on each render() call to check whether a shader is visible (greebo)
0000635: [Design/Coding] Fix or rewrite Namespace module (greebo)
       0000257: [Map Editing] Bad name increment for entities after saving (greebo)
       0000385: [Map Editing] Don't increment target fields on duplicated entities (greebo)
       0000657: [Map Editing] Properties needing smart increment on load of prefab and duplicate (greebo)
       0000405: [Map Editing] Renaming entities breaks links (greebo)
       0000431: [Map Editing] cloning path entities creates broken connections (greebo)
0000636: [GUI] EntityChooser disappears after clicking on X (greebo)
0000654: [Map Editing] Layer Info destroyed when pasting between maps (greebo)
0000895: [Map Editing] Add "bind entities" command (greebo)
0000957: [GUI] S/R Editor: max_fire_count spawnarg is missing. (greebo)
0000973: [Map Editing] Crash at shutdown when region was active (greebo)
0000003: [GUI] Objectives Editor GUI (orbweaver)
0000911: [GUI] The "Size Info" for brushes shows too many numbers jumbled together, x this and y that and x,y this and that (greebo)
0000905: [Map Editing] Crashes when attempting to split brush using clipper and shift+enter (greebo)
0000716: [Map Editing] Grid size not saved between sessions (greebo)
0000676: [Saving and loading] Crash when changing maps and trying to save the preferences (greebo)
0000641: [GUI] Shortcut for Media Tab (greebo)
0000576: [General] Seek selected entity in entity class tree (greebo)
0000622: [GUI] Buttons and menu items requests - layers and decals (greebo)
0000607: [GUI] Copying a color scheme, then copying again with the same name, then deleting one, you can't delete the other (greebo)
0000450: [Map Editing] Press T to bring up texture browser, would be nice to press T again to close it but it doesn't work (greebo)
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